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  1. It's called balance, Balance is key to a successful life. I have now found a great balance in my life and haven't felt this good for years. If you can master the balance of: Socialising, Working, Being a Hermit and Health, you'll exceed in life. You socialise too much your health with deteriorate (Really dependant on the type of people you hang out with), you won't be able to get enough hours in work or in your school work, you won't get any time to yourself to reflect and have a bit of 'you' time which is just as essential as hanging out with other people. Work too much, your health and social life will suffer. With too much time to yourself which can lead to bad thoughts, anxieties etc. Work out, focus on your health too much you'll become obsessed, won't socialise, not put enough work into school and you'll have too much time to yourself. See the pattern? Take everything with a pinch of salt, Just my two cents, it's worked for me and everyone I've advised to adopt this method has turned their life around. Best of luck. P.S Girlfriend =/= Happiness.
  2. You've inspired me to start raising my abysmal runecrafting level to something more appropriate!
  3. Well done :) Must've taken a lot of dedication! Out of interest, how much profit did you make?
  4. Hey, after I am done with cooking I plan to max strength, then attack along with slayer, which should provide me with some money to power through mage. Anyway; my setup at the moment: Black Mask (10) - Will eventually be a Full Slayer. Glory Bando's Chest Piece Whip Rune Defender Bando's Tassets Dragon Boots Combat Bracelet (Still need to get around to Recipe For Disaster) Fire Cape Now, with strength in mind would I be best off with: Glory + Saradomin Sword or Fury + D Scimitar + Rune Defender I cannot afford both :/ All levelling will be done using slayer tasks, Thank you for any input.
  5. Which game has been your favourite so far? They've all been pretty bland for me :( The best I've seen has been Brazil v North Korea. (I didn't catch the Spain match, nor the Germany one :'< )
  6. Is that loss of 44mill even after you've sold the bars?
  7. Profit? I like the sound of that, but in comparison to the aforementioned method does the profit outweigh the time taken to get to 99?
  8. Sorry, do you mean 75-80 = Alch 80-94 = Stun 94-99 = Stealing Creation My income is poor, I got lucky with drops, I won't be exceeding 75 odd million for a while. Superheating is a little over my budget I think, Unless it would get me 99 in a matter days :) -speak oN
  9. Hey, I've tried to research myself but all the YouTube videos are incredibly outdated or just terrible overall. So TipIt, could you advise me how to get 75-99 mage. I have a total of roughly 78million to invest. But would prefer not to go over 20mill. Speed is not an issue, as long as it's relative to the amount I am paying. Thanks !
  10. I love every topic where wep offers great, legit advice and they always shoot him down and disregard it. It's unbelievable. Respect to wep for his persistence.
  11. speakoN

    Time to ...

    Hey fellas! Everything is going great now, diet is more refined, found another gym that has all the equipment necessary for Starting Strength! Thank you for all your help! Really helped :) See you soon with comparison photo's in a few months! :)
  12. Do you deem it necessary? I avoid going with friends, if anything I think it would demotivate me, but that's me. I'd rather go when I want to and get stuck in without distractions. But if you do feel it necessary to go with someone, the suggestions posted above are about as good as they can get.
  13. speakoN

    Time to ...

    Hey Stu! Thanks for all the advise Training hard hasn't been a problem so far, disciplined due to previous experience that aspect is going well. Changed a lot of things in my life and it's all fitting in nicely. But, that being said there is still one huge problem that I am yet to overcome - Food. What can I say, I am an incredibly fussy eater. I wish I wasn't but I just cannot stomach food. Oats, the most prestigious and widely talked about food in this regard and I tried them today in three forms - Milk, Water & Some Cottage Cheese/Egg/Oat type pancake omelette hybrid. I just couldn't take more than 3 spoonfuls/bites. A lot of things I have found good substitutes for. e.g: Calcium (More of a personal thing for me) Having light cheese with a lot of things, yoghurts and the milk from my protein shakes are a nice bonus. Swapped white bread for brown bread, eating vegetables with every meal etc. For the past 3 weeks or so I have cut down significantly or completely all the [cabbage] out of my life, parents are still in shock after asking for extra broccoli, bless 'em! I'm eating small but often in moderation at the moment as is working well for me. But as I said - I am a fussy [bleep]er! I dislike bananas, oats, eggs (scrambled/omelettes etc), cottage cheese mackerel and a lot lot lot more. Also, as expected I am having problems with what I used to deem a blessing, I can survive on very little amounts of food and sleep so my body is still adjusting to the huge jump in food intake and amount of sleep I am (attempting) getting. How long does this process usually take? Weeks? Months? Of course I want to maximise my food in-take but I can't go until I'm sick. With oats and eggs out of the equation: Meal 1 This is where I am seriously struggling, due to my being a fussy [bleep] the most important meal of my day is hard to get some good nutrition. Meal 2 Protein shake (16oz. milk, 2 scoops whey), ΒΌ cup nuts Meal 3 6-8oz chicken breast, 1 cup of green beans, 1 cup brown rice - Could you suggest alternatives to accompany the rice? I usually have soy-sauce (no salt) Meal 4 Big sandwich (roast beef, turkey, ham, light cheese, veggies), whole wheat bread, fruit - Perfect, can definitely work with this TRAIN Meal 5 Protein shake or weight gainer,1 cup yogurt - Need a substitute for oats Meal 6 6-8oz lean steak (preferably the round cut), sweet potato, 1 cup carrots - Need a substitute for sweet potato - I despise roast potato's/mash etc so I can't see myself liking it. Meal 7 1 cup cottage cheese, 2 tbsp. natural peanut butter, small protein shake (casein-based ideally) - Meal 7 need other suggestions, what types of foods have a slow 'burn' rate and will stay with me for the longest time until I wake up? Before you say it; 'Man Up' 'Stop Whining' isn't an option. I've tried and it just resulted in .. well something to clean up. You mentioned fish oil in your shake, skeptically I will probably end up buying some to try it. Do you really not notice it? Even if you can notice it, would you highly recommend it? While on the topic, can you think of anything else that I could purchase of this nature? I currently only take Vitamin C (Which is pretty irrelevant to all of this) Would you advise Omega 3 tablets and the sort? Lastly, can you think of any food substitute you enjoy to compliment me being a [bleep]? Parents have been very helpful so far and have got by a lot of the barriers and am getting some good calories and nutritious meals. But there's still room for improvement. Many thanks for you help p.s myweps I added you on rs! add me - speak oN
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