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  1. In response to the article "It Doesn't Have to Suck" I do have a vanity item absolved of the required new subscription flag, green skin. I am on a recurring subscription and have been since around 2010, I purchased and redeemed the right card in the time to get green skin during the recurring credit card subscription and now have green skin. Just wanted to clarify that objectivity.
  2. ADVERTISER: Unknown LANDING URL: http://a.tribalfusion.com/p.media/aTmNJH4W301d3ZbpWev5ABP3GvftGU9UcfjSAvvWdnWWFB05bitVaYpWqvIQTvGQc7KRretPTj6WVbU4rmmntEtYq2u4djASGJZa4... is all I got TYPE: Pop-up SITE: Unknown MY LOCATION: United States REASON: It locks up my browser
  3. Perhaps I'll hunt someone down and verify this as I don't particularly feel like shelling out cash just to verify my claim; until then. If I don't find anything useful about this in a month, you might as well remove this post from the list, maybe 2 weeks would be better.
  4. Since February when I did the quest following the guide, one part of it did stump me: After belly aching the guards to the mining site with every conceivable conversation material to have them bet against me that I could win against their captain, nothing availed. So, I do believe betting the guards no longer works even though you do have to talk to the guards for information to talk to the captain. Of step one, sub-steps four and nine would have to be altered. I would like verification on this portion besides making my sub-character a member and double-checking this myself, though I think if it didn't work five months ago, it probably still doesn't apply to the quest. A note, though, following the quest guide with that left me at an end for two hours of wondering until I figured it wasn't necessary to take bets. Have a nice day. Forest surround, Garnu Thorn "The Garnu" For ease of reading, this block of text with hard returns, rather, is brought to you by requesting moderators to break up text.
  5. In my attempts to speed up the Tip It guide in making Primed bars from Elemental Workshop and future ones (maybe there will be a fourth EW), I have found some ways to slightly speed the process up. All the steps inlaid in the guide except the initial heating of the bar can be sped up a little bit to up to minute or more sooner. After you hit the press lever, you don't need to okay the message When the jig is in the coolant tank and the door is closed, open the fill valve and get the message its open, then close it Do the same for the drain valve, then extract the bar The blower lever can be used twice immediately to dry the bar; no need to wait for messages I thought this might speed the process of making many primed bars, as it is a bit more cumbersome with the provided instructions.
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