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  1. Above The Lore hinted that the Dragon Riders are lizardmen, but Paul mentioned a few years ago that it is unlikely that they will show up in the game at all, considering that they would just look like less-impressive Dragonkin. Apparently one of the PoP FAQ's on the official forums might have hinted otherwise, but I can't seem to find the post to source it correctly.
  2. That makes me incredibly happy. :D By the looks of it, they are finally going to be implementing the old ideas/assets from their Lizardmen plans around the release of RS2 that they scrapped, but this time into OSRS. Despite the fact that I'll probably never play OSRS, it's still really awesome that they decided to bring back what is probably the oldest scrapped monster in the game.
  3. While I am disappointed at the apparent outcome of the poll, I can fully understand and appreciate that there is an enormous portion of people in the playerbase that have been waiting for Prifddinas so patiently for such a long time that they would probably choose Priddinas over any other possible update that Jagex could ever even think of dreaming of. (And a portion of those inside that larger group that would probably give their firstborn for it.) Despite playing for as long as I have, I seem to have never caught the excitement for the city's reveal that seems to blanket most of the long-time players. I'm sure I'll find a reason to get excited about Prifddinas as they release more info about it. Right now its potential gameplay benefits are much, much more vague than Invention's--something that I imagine will be remedied over the next few months.
  4. Last we heard, there was a lot of big ideas and plans for the Kudos Island, but that said plans would take up a huge portion of their graphics budget, so it would likely be quite some time (year+) til we should expect any news related to it being worked on again. The Dragonkin quest(s?) we're supposed to be getting this year aren't supposed to have anything to do with the Kudos Island just yet. I might expect a hint or two possibly.
  5. They seem to have changed the order of the slots around on the equip tab. For example, Pocket Slot used to be at the bottom left where Ring now is, and Aura used to be at the top left where Neck is now. It seems like it's now ordered to where it actually fits on your character, with the non-specific ones (Pocket/Aura) at the bottom.
  6. I think the new Spirit Gems far outweigh the "nerf" overall. If they work like RC pouches (which it sounds like they do) this means that in every inventory load you can potentially carry 60 pouches at once (25 standard + 5 from sapphire + 10 from emerald + 20 from ruby). If you can only have one at a time, that's still 47 pouches at once compared to the previous 25. (Almost doubled) I'm excited to try it out. Moves a lot more of the time spent Summoning to a less click-intensive process that can be done in advance, plus adds a lot more overall click efficiency thanks to the gems. I might actually start training Summoning again..
  7. Rampant speculation: That Elder God is the Frenskae Creator-God, and the reason why Zamorak has so many weird spiky appendages on his head in his ascended form is because the Mahajarrat innately see spikes/horns as godly because of what their creator-god looks like. Also, that Prifddinas concept art has my heart thumping out of my chest. :D
  8. LutRS over at the Runescape subreddit made a pretty comprehensive list here. Apparently they will be adding the last few pieces of information shortly. (More info about the Invention skill, details about the level 90 2h weapons, ports expansion, and apparently a non-combat (Skilling) based boss battle)
  9. Apparently Thurgo will take the one off your toolbelt and use it in the recipe if you ask him to (But only once), replacing it with an Iron Pickaxe.
  10. I don't believe WoW has had any sort of system of membership itemization like that--not so sure on MapleStory but I haven't heard of the like. Only well-known game that has had it implemented it right now is EVE Online I believe, which has had a very nicely stabilized economy despite the in-game and corporation-related factors that seem to want to make it otherwise. Overall this is pretty exciting. I think it's a step in the right direction--even if I didn't really notice much gold farmer impact myself previously, I still know it exists. Guess I'm gonna have to get used to this, since WildStar is going to be using this kind of subscripion system from day one as well. :P EDIT: Also means that spins/rcoins are technically able to be obtained entirely with in-game money now. Nice.
  11. Very exciting to hear we're getting a BTS Video alongside the monthly BTS article to show us video of the content that will be released. Exactly what we needed :D
  12. Same battle as the first time, except that if you played it on the first day it will be slightly harder in comparison, as they made it so the skeletons are no longer so weak they can be one-hit in a patch since then. You initiate it by using the Skull of Remembrance on Dawn's corpse.
  13. Wow. That's actually really, really awesome. Best patch notes.
  14. [spoiler=Resource Dungeon Extensions]The Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon gets extended to include approximately 5 Yew Trees and a Bank Deposit box after you complete the Medium tasks. The Dwarven Mine resource dungeon gets 8 more Mithril rocks and 2 more Adamant rocks after you complete the Hard tasks. I'm not able to check the extension of Brimhaven Dungeon from the Expert tasks but I assume it involves metal dragons and bank deposit boxes.
  15. The ruler of Neitiznot is a Burgher, while Jatizso's leader is explicitly a King. Duke Horacio is, well, a Duke--and it seems like non-King/Queen rulers weren't allowed for the challenge despite what the newspost says. Very odd, but at least its following some rhyme and reason. Only ones which seem to be left out are Fairy Queen, King Narnode, and King Awowogei, who all seem to work for certain people at certain stages of their respective quests, making it a bug rather than an oversight. Overall there seems to be some sort of lack of communication between the people actually coding the task and the people writing the explanations for it. :-k
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