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  1. wondering best exp/hr, as in should i pack the inventory full of urns and cut one drop one? or bring 10 urns, or what. i'm 77 woodcutting and i'm going for pure fastest exp. i have access to deposit boxes and stuff. If i should be training somewhere else, please enlighten me
  2. I do have access to resource dungeon, would the emptiness + numerous spawns be faster than cannon extra dps?
  3. would it be better for me to go to taverly dungeon and cannon them, instead of using chaos tunnels, because of my lower summoning level and lack of good combat familiar?
  4. at 81 defense it is going to be to your advantage to wear something with more defense than void. I've done nomad on multiple accounts and even at 99 defense nomad basically rips through void. dhide or use void deflector and torag pl8
  5. There is the new updated whip coming out, so you could take the risk and work towards 80 attack (85 for advanced whip, 80 for chaotics) and mentioned in parenthesis, chaotics, particularly rapier and maul are by far superior to d scim and whip, barring update.
  6. closed because i finally figured it out.... he decided to glitch thx
  7. Okay, so here is my long list of questions: What would my xp/hr be like if i were to camp abbies with proselyte, either piety flicking or like superhuman strength w/rapier how about if i were to use dharoks? would it be worth trying to max strength this way since pots are dirt cheap? (i'm looking for both a good kill/hr and efficient price) I'm looking for a good way to max combat, and would it be worthwhile to bank the ashes form demons or urn them? it would be a huge number of demons, is this better than slayer? like could i max melee extremely quickly doing this? As i'm returning from a kid literally resetting my account ( dropped entire bank/deleted house, everything) i'm wondering what i should put effort into getting back first. is slayer even still a good method of moneymaking, since all drops are essentially inexpensive? what is an inexpensive way to get magic up that wont force me to tear my eyes out? cause alching is cheap, but takes forever. ah i'll probably have more dumb questions to ask later...
  8. Torag's legs with snakeskin boots, bring a few more kyatt scrolls if you're using a terrorbird because you're going to need to spam for quite a while i did it with a tort at 72 range, but i had a much higher defense than yours. I definitely think you can do it, i just think its going to be a difficult fight, and bring some broads for when he does his hp-1 attack, dont wanna kill yourself :)
  9. Dusty key ^owned me in response time
  10. Actually, i have no idea how it happened, as i do not use such toolbars, downloads, ect. i'm probably the most cautious person on the internet i know. but thanks for trying to make me sound daft
  11. I fully understand this is a game, believe me, i'm frankly just trying to pass time until then end of senior year, as i have a 4.38 gpa and really no difficuly classes.... i guess this is the kick i needed? i mean, i'll take it in the positive light because it's no use crying over spilt milk. but honestly, what kind of person would do this....
  12. this is the most spiteful thing i've ever witnessed. he has: zeroed out my dungeoneering tokens unbound my hood and 2h i'm so lost and confused
  13. It kinda makes me sick even being on my account atm.
  14. So i leave town for two days and i get hacked worse than i've ever seen on any account. He dropped my full void, cwars armor, two chaotics, took everything i've ever valued. I've fully lost faith in both this game and its community. Is it even worth my time to play on this account again? i've always wanted to start a lv3 skiller or a pure, as they are more challenging, would this be a good time to do that? I need some guidence... I'm, not even mad, not upset, just kinda numb that this had to happen to me when i was having such a great time playing. I don't want donations, just suggestions, thanks guys.
  15. I'll dungeoneer with you a bit, as i'd love to have your skills on my team haha. Great goal, good luck :thumbsup:
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