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  1. well this pretty much failed, i been busy with college and other things im going to try and start again wish me luck!
  2. Was it worth it? do you regret anything ? what was the consequences of you getting 120 dung (if any). I know of a couple people who have quit college for 120 dung and there jobs. as for the rate.. 10/10 why would i rate it any lower your maxed total.
  3. About me: Hello my names Tyler I am 22 years old and im from Ohio. Im currently a college student, my major is Business Administration. I started playing Runescape sometime in 2005. On July 25, 2010 I got all 99's minus dung, here is a Link if you would like to watch that video. My ultimate goal is to get max total in runescape i was close to getting it when Dungeoneering was released. I am not a fan of dung which is why I have put it off so long. During this long process of getting lvl 120 I will be posting pictures of levels I get and any other things I find necessary to my goal. Thank you and I hope you keep comming back :!: :twisted: Starting stats: Current stats: [-] Not achieved [+] Achieved Level 88 [+]Level 96 [-] Level 89 [-]Level 97 [-] Level 90[-]Level 98 [-] Level 91 [-]Level 99 [-] Level 92 [-]Level 100 [-] Level 93 [-]Level 101 [-] Level 94 [-]Level 102 [-] Level 95 [-]Level 103 [-] [Level 104 [-] Level 112 [-] Level 105 [-] Level 113 [-] Level 106 [-] Level 114 [-] Level 107 [-] Level 115 [-] Level 108 [-] Level 116 [-] Level 109 [-] Level 117 [-] Level 110 [-] Level 118 [-] Level 111 [-] Level 119 [-] [spoiler=Level up pics] [spoiler=Misc]nothing yet Anything thats missing you think i should add post please
  4. Hello Jamie, nice to meet you. Congrats on all 99's minus dung. Maybe we could chat in game sometime my RSN is Henchmen inc :thumbsup:
  5. Finally finished a long term goal of mine. Next on the list 99 dung
  6. nice quests done and im loving the farming level keep that planting going 8/10
  7. Why even post [bleep]ing 99 cooking how nooby is that ? :-o haha no im just kidding :smile: grats i remember when i got 99 cooking i was damn proud of it grats on your first 99 =D> give yourself a better rating it isnt that bad =p 10/10 from me
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