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  1. Don't. Just don't. Anyone who posts about minecraft below the line below is an absoloute [cabbage][bleep]. We don't want another dwarf fortress thread, people leaving the tavern and stuff. ______________________________________________ Perfect punishment for a murderer. Discuss.
  2. Personally I think that 4chan is nothing like FunnyJunk. Funnyjunk can usually make me laugh, it has reposted content sometimes (unlike 4Chan where it Is always reposted crap like: Rate me, chubbies, edit this picture humerously and Penis thread, trap) Funnyjunk sometimes has funny content, 4chan has offensive content. 4chan is just a site that intends to shocks.
  3. Mature people who act mature and browse /b/ = bleh.
  4. I'm qutting again. Maybe she's playing H&H and has forgot about us.
  5. She could simply be inactive.
  6. She could simply be inactive.
  7. The admins have told me they are trying to get hold of a new moderator. I personally reccomended Mather he's dedicated to this forum and despite breaking a few rules in the past he follows then strictly now and is a really helpful member of the community.
  8. Iconic

    The Poll

    You do realise that by posting your worst fear the goverment will log it and use it against you if you ever become seditious.
  9. The zombie hunters was first found by me, I need all credit. Give me credit people :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: Joking. I agree with Archi, complete destruction of the brain is almost impossible (I mean, unless you had a whisk or something), however decapitation or damage to the spinal chord is much more realistic.
  10. No gameplay takes place within the thread. Thus the thread is a discussion thread. Thus this is a duplicate thread. Thus they will be merged.
  11. Hey Dungeon, howa are you doing?
  12. Yeh, but thats an aspect of hegemony. If an entity makes an action because of something you have done thats a dungeoneering. If an entity makes an action of something you have commanded (but you also have the option to send thousands of men in) then its hegemony.
  13. I would say its 95-5 because of the lack of any.... country running. I'm arguing because it really hurts me to see beloved hegemony basterdized and basterdized repeatedly until it ceases to be hegemony and is just a name used to draw people in.
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