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  1. In the Tip.it costume room guide page, http://www.tip.it/ru..._room_guide.htm , the sets of armour/clothes known as "Citharede robes" and "Factory armour" are included as magic wardrobe sets, when they are actually armour case sets.
  2. First post? ALRIGHT! I thought the first article on the BETA was a good evaluation and I shared many of the same feelings. I really wish Jagex would let more people in sooner. The second article about the lost magic of Runescape really hit the nail on the head. I think Runescape has really evolved and gone in a different direction, a direction that is apparently necessary, but in no way appeals to me. As much as I love Runescape, I will never start a new character, it just wouldn't be the same.
  3. Aceethan

    Ring of wealth..

    It's because the OP is probably twelve and had a little tantrum when he saw that people didn't agree with him. Wow, you just added an element of immaturity on top of it. Did you really just call someone a 12 year old who had a tantrum? What a rude thing to say. If I wasn't trying to be rude, I wouldn't have said it, but thank you for pointing that out. I'm not exactly known for being a nurturing person, especially when it comes to people whinging over non-issues. The editing of the poll just makes the OP's stature as a whiny, entitled brat who can't handle people disagreeing with him all the more obvious. You'll find I make regular use of the "child throwing a tantrum" analogy, and it's because when I was a kid my parents grew me out of the tantrum phase by video taping me and showing me the results. Someone has to show you how you look from the outside looking in before you can realize how absolutely ridiculous you truly look. As for being offended by what I posted: You'll find out as you get older that being offended by something is meaningless. "Oh I'm offended by what you wrote." Alright, your point? As my Robotics professor used to say, "hire a contractor, make a blueprint, gather materials, have him build you a bridge, and get over it." I appreciate the interesting, somewhat odd windows into your past. At least you are aware of your rudeness, although I still don't really believe you need to "video tape his ridiculousness". Just disagreeing works fine. Back to the main point, I think its safe for us to agree that the RoW is a bit ridiculous, but since we know of its silliness it should be used with caution and it shouldn't require any frustration.
  4. So the the thing you dislike about SoF is that it is a form of microtransactions, and Jagex has said they don't deal with that kind of thing, thus making Jagex liars when it comes to this? I admit, I also find it annoying that a company lies to me, but really, its not like this is a huge problem. Its not like Jagex lies all the time about a whole bunch of stuff. Are your efforts against Jagex just a means of getting them to say "Okay, we admit it, buying spins is a microtransaction."? In the end, its Jagex's dishonesty problem, not anyone else's. I stand by my remarks that everyone should just focus on their own game and achievements. If someone else is getting higher levels faster thanks to a shady deal with Jagex, then they have every right to do that. I personnally wouldn't be happy buying my levels, and I really could care less if someone else wants to. If Mod Mark is just taking orders, then I except that to be what is going to happen. Jagex has very rarely said "We won't do this, PERIOD," and then gone back and done it anyway.
  5. In response to the first article: In the latest RuneCast video, Mod Mark made it very clear that Jagex does not plan to up any other skills to 120. I do not doubt they keep this promise. That bit of info makes your doomsday scenario... illogical. Also, I really don't get the big fuss about SoF. If you really don't like it, just don't use it. I agree that Jagex should dial down the in your face advertisements, but I will still always use my spins because I enjoy free stuff. I don't really care if others buy them to get ahead, because I only care about how MY player does, as should everyone else. I understand being involved in the community, but if people really want to buy levels, let them. Focus only on your own goals and achievements.
  6. Aceethan

    Ring of wealth..

    Holy bashing Batman! Wow guys, give the OP a break. I also think the idea of the RoW and the rare drop table is sort of stupid and could use a change. The OP is just expressing an opinion, and if you disagree no need to be a jerk about it. It's no wonder he's mad, he's just expressing a rant, no need to slam him about why he shouldn't be mad about it.
  7. Yes! Bring on the signature heroes! I love those guys! Also, I enjoyed the third article a lot, nice to see someone openly talk about how Jagex generally should command more respect then the community. Go Runescape!
  8. Well, thanks for all the help guys. Looks like I'll just have to play Runescape elsewhere.
  9. Yeah.... Me neither (Sorry about the triple post, it was an accident)
  10. I appreciate the advice, but I'm not going to switch to a PC just for gaming. I've owned both PCs and MacBooks and I've come to the conclusion the Macs are far superior, in everything except gaming. No Runescape is annoying, but doesn't warrant a change.
  11. I could for sure do this, but I shouldn't need to. There has to be a way to install Java, but I don't know how. Just tried. This came up.
  12. I could for sure do this, but I shouldn't need to. There has to be a way to install Java, but I don't know how.
  13. That wasn't very helpful. When I click, Play Runescape, it takes me to this screen. When I hit the first, click here, it takes me to this screen. When I hit the big red, Free Java Download, button it takes me to this screen. And then when I go to the Software Update there is no Java update. THIS IN RESPONSE TO EZEE
  14. So, ever since the day of the bot nuke, Runescape will not work on my MacBook. Runescape does however work on my Mac desk top, and my grandparents old Dell, and my other grandparents older Dell. It tells me that I don't have Java , and or the correct form of Java, but I could play before the bot nuke and now when I go to the Software Update, there are no Java updates! Where do I get Java? The other three computers seemed to gain it automatically, but when I look for ways to obtain Java, the only option seems to be going and buying a 30$ program install, but I didn't need to do that for my other Mac or even the older Dells. What the heck? If someone has any idea how to fix this, the advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. No, the point is that praying against Melee makes him stomp EVERY time. You can pray against his regular attacks, but praying just makes him not use his regular attacks (if that makes any sense). This guide does not make that clear, instead making it seem that only the stomp bypasses prayer, not that praying makes the stomp happen every turn. It should read something like "Do not bother using prayer at all while fighting the Dill because prayer makes it use the stomp every attack sequence, thus owning you and negating the use of prayer." Right now, one might think you can pray and not be hit until it occasionally uses the stomp, when in fact praying makes the stomp go every turn. This should be added to the guide to save players time and resources.
  16. Thanks very much for the assistance. I think its safe to say that this occurs when Protect from Melee is activated and this should be added to the guide (If not already present)
  17. Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what seems to be happening. Upon going on through the quest more, I found it was enraged when I prayed sometimes, but not all the time. I think it might just be prayer and not have to do with the auras at all. In this case, prayer should apparently not be used. Not sure if this is in the guide or not, but if not then it would be a helpful addition I'm sure. Thanks!
  18. DO NOT use a holy aura when fighting the TokTz-Ket-Dill. I had the Reverence aura activated during one of the fights and the message "Your holy aura appears to enrage the TokTz-Ket-Dill" popped up every time the Dill attacked. This message is followed by the Dill's ground stomp attack. This attack happens EVERY TURN if your aura is activated and I was personally butchered by the Dill since the stomp can't be blocked. This should be added to the Elder Kiln guide, not sure if it also applies to the "TokTz-Ket-Dill" quest. Hope this Helps! (I have a screen shot that can verify this, but I'm not sure how to upload it to the forums, so if you need it, I would need instruction in this manner) Thanks!
  19. I play RS because I find it fun.... enough said
  20. Very one-sided first article. I think that most people just have respect for the top players. The only people that worship them are the people that are constantly in their chats just to catch a possible glimpse. I myself am sort of disgusted by the achievements of the top players (no harsh feelings to the people themselves). I really could care less who is at the top of the high scores and I have no interest in meeting any of those people and I know many people who share this opinion. To say a majority of players worship these people is a false statement. Everyone knows RS takes no real skills besides dedication. Despite the player base of RS seeming to become all "dumb 12 year olds" (which it isn't yet) very few people are stupid enough to worship pixels. Respect maybe, but not worship. Second article was nice. Not really debate inducing, but a good point and observation.
  21. Quitting. There I said it, although I haven't been the first to utter this word. Recently, this word "quitting" has been getting a lot of use. Angry at Jagex, angry at bots, done with RS just because. So this topic is about quitting. Have you quit recently? Might you quit? What would push you to the edge? I personally will probably never quit RS. I consider myself somewhat of a veteran (7 years) and I'll probably stay with this game till the ned just because i enjoy it so much. But I wanna hear what you have to say. Let the discussion begin!
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