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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. got madly mass sniped for about 2 mins :| Snipers Allowed: YES | 1 sniper cap lolwut gf anyway
  3. nice getting people outside of Blas ;)
  4. Team Infamous Vs. Blasphemy Rules: Classic Clanwars North Attacks Matched DG OFF Corrupt OFF Range On (No Cap) Melle/binds/Range Rings ON Sniper cap 2 No Mass binds! Team Infamous attendance: 007 Damien 007 Jah Asceed (ivan) Crunkeh NoFro Calmir Rawr EnvyMySack iJahmil iTank-4-Dank 1XDivineX1 PonyBabyLove RedHelmet Sean M 1991 ==Pictures of War== ==Ending Pic== ==War Summary== We started off with a quick tune to pump us up and we entered the portal to a pull of only 13, however we did a great job. The first tanker held them off for about two kills which gave us a quick lead. We eventually ended up getting a good lead of about 4. Our tanking was great no-body got koed, and we even got a few fast KO's ourselves. The binds were strong at the start and in the end, however halfway through the fight there was only a few people binding, we also need to remember if there are no snipers then EVERYONE should be in robes and binding. Other than that GJ Team Infamous was a lot of fun and a great victory (: P.S War Hero goes to 007 Jah who tanked for about 10 minutes :S he just wouldn't die, good job :)
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