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  1. All major clans that are combat 100 + ... how do you think those members got to 100+? most of there combat leveling was most likely confined to a few months of hard core training. Most people who are high level have done the 10+ hours aday... Its not uncommon at all. For a training competition I once got up at like 6 or 7 am and played straight till 12 pm... thats like 18 hours straight. And I did it because I wanted to win. People always say no-lifer blah blah blah whenever they see a high level... but most of these people are good at everything they do (because they like to compete) and will be successfull at whatever they choose to do. So Nova might max out and accomplish what he wants to ... and everyone will call him a no-lifer... he will move on get a high paying job later... and you will be stuck playing RS for the next few years never accomplishing anything and finally quit making a big rant on the general about wasting your whole life.
  2. Maybe they fish on p2p but ive only ever seen 1 lvl 3 fishing lobsters in f2p (and i dont think he was macroing) . I think its because its like impossible to bank them. I report the lvl 3's cutting yews everytime i walk out of falador but i have no idea if the macro detection system is catching them or not. And its worth it to take the 10 seconds to report them because they have to make a new char... get off newb island and lvl all the way up to yews again... just to be reported again. If it happened enough they would just stop i think... kinda like password scamming is like 1/100th of what it use to be... theres no one for me to report anymore....
  3. ya you lose them all. Someone figured that out along time ago and found out the hard way.
  4. Since the servers respawn rate is based on the # of people logged into the world... You wouldn't be able to lvl up anything... mine a coal rock that takes 10 min to respawn... kill mosters that take 10x as long to respawn... Its like trying to lvl up late at night with only 100 people on your server... Its impossible! But... if this really did happen... I would buy up all the runes and all the arrows and respawnable things then logout (cause they woudl spawn back to slow)...
  5. Nice editing my quote. Can you learn to read, JULY 9TH is when both the initial member lists were taken, the day we got declared on and then had to close our applications right after. The member list was based on your forum memberlist.
  6. Hagge u fool we saw the votes from your leaders or council or whatever. You guys voted for us by a landslide. we even have a picture of it somewhere. We knew you would declare over a month ago but our apps were closed due to Anarchy war. EDIT: You can say whatever you like about it, the wars over. But i think everyone knows you wont be able to sustain a member count that high when more than 50% of your member are less than a month old.
  7. here are the actual stats for people interested lists taken july 9th (the day anarchy declared) Gladz: 206 regular members. 24 retired members (not included in our averages and not all have RS characters anymore) BK: 236 members Gladz august 20th memberlist 265 regular members 30 retired BK august 16th memberlist 334 members interesting facts over the 6 weeks: gladz member loss: ~20 (i think its more like 10 though) bk member loss: ~84 gladz total new members recruited: ~85 bk total new members recruited: ~180 Assuming 190-195 turnout for gladz and 205-210 for bk??? % gladz attending (not including retired): 73% % gladz attending (including retired): 65% % bk attending: 62% ------------------------------------ and plz dont BS us about the apps, we requested 1 week of open apps and you guys refused to close yours if we got to keep them open... you wouldn't have it any other way... WTF were we suppose to do? decline your friggin war because you wanted to screw us over. Theres no way we were backing down from your declaration so we had to play by your rules :roll: [/b]
  8. i want the capes f2p, i was kinda shocked that they weren't...
  9. also, black long is surley not14's pker or whatever... they do meet requirments on their other char.
  10. the reason we were waiting for u is because u guys show up after/exaclty at teh wartime. we were setting up in wildy like 20 minutes earlier. IF u guys had organized up there before us... then we would have been the ones rushing u. if u think that had a major impact then just set up earlier next time.
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