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  1. Thanks Tip.It! Now I won't have to worry about seeing bad words (yeah, I used the kiddy version, DEAL WITH IT!!!). I'm totally against profanity in every asspect, and now I no longer have to deal with in game (people are no longer trying to beat the filter) and I won't have to worry about seeing it in game. Thanks!
  2. Been having fun with all this. I even saved the life someone level 136. We were in Clan Wars free-for-all dangerous, and I was sitting in the safe zone enjoying the blood shed. Then I noticed a mage come from the deeper part of the arena, and froze this level 136 1 square from the safe zone. He was about to die, so I did I knew I had to do. I left the safe zone, started attacking the mage. The mage was forced to start attacking me, and the 136 got away. Boy, that mage sure was mad! :thumbsup:
  3. This is awesome! I will admit, even though I voted 'No', I'm still enjoying myself! I just hope the economy stablizes soon. Other than that (And Duel Glitches), this is a great update! WOOOOT!
  4. The only reason this limit is in place is become Java systems (No matter what kind) Can't support any number over 2,481,000 or something like that. That's why xp limits go up to 2billion, and if you get over 2billion of an item, it takes a second inventory space. No, that is not true. The reason you cannot have more than 2,147,483,647 items, is because that is the maximum value of an int in Java. In Java, there are primitive data types such as: bytes (127), shorts (32,767), ints (2,147,483,64), longs (9,223,372,036,854,775,807), doubles (1.79769313486231570x10308d), and more. The reason ints are used, is because ints are the easiest value to calculate in the average CPU. To use a larger primitive data type would take more space, therefor slowing the game or costing more money on servers. P.S. Java is a programming language, not a system, there is only one kind of Java language. Ok, no need to get so mad. I accidently put 2m instead of 2b, and I only said that because of what I've heard. I'm not a computer geek, so don't vent all your anger on me. I was just going off of what I have heard and read.
  5. Totally agree. This is an abesoulte must have on the list of questions you put together, Tip.it!!!
  6. The only reason this limit is in place is become Java systems (No matter what kind) Can't support any number over 2,481,000 or something like that. That's why xp limits go up to 2billion, and if you get over 2billion of an item, it takes a second inventory space.
  7. Ok, first, I'd like to say thanks for doing this Tip.It! This will mean my questions are guarented to be answered! Thanks! Ok, here is my list of questions: 1.) I understand Jagex is developing 'Wilderness Island' where Revs, Quests, and Activites will be relocated. Will green dragons, the entrance to the KBD, Chaos Elemental, Wilderness Agility Course, and rune rocks be re-located here as well? Also, will 'Wilderness Island' have a bank, and where will we access it? Via teleport lever? 2.) What do you, Jagex, plan on doing to combat RWT? Obvisously, with the re-instalment of Old Wilderness and Free Trading, it will spike as soon as the features are re-installed. If it gets to out of control, will you remove these features again? 3.) Will a wall be built at the entrance/exit to Daemonheim to avoid people acciedently wandering into the Wilderness? Also, will you be adding warnings to teleports (Any kind) that take you in to the Wilderness, warning of how players are permited to battle each other to the death? 4.) How do you feel this will effect the RS Economy? Do you believe it will make things worse, better, stay the same, or get worse/better, but balance off after a few weeks. Was the impact of the economy taken into consideration when making the decision to bring back the old ways? 5.) How do you plan on re-installing PvP Armour to avoid all of it become 'rare'? How will this new system work? Will it be avalible after the update or take a few weeks or months to create, making PvP Armour and Wepons 'rares' for a temporary period of time? 6.) When moving many quests, how will you handle quests that's story line is centered around the Wild, such as Spirit of Summer, Summer's End, Defender of Varrock, ect. 7.) How will you be handling Summoning Combat (126+12=138) in the Old Wild, and how will familiars work? Will familiars be limited to certian worlds, or be abolished from the Wild all together? And if it is, will our combat in the Wild be the same as if we didn't have Summoning? 8.) When you say, "GE Price caps will be removed", does this means the price limits won't exist? If so, could you please have 'suggested prices', which are basicly the current level caps, only you won't be restricted to those prices. I'm rather dependent on those set prices, as I don't study the economy and I'm not sure of current market values, and could result in me paying far to much for items, or me being dead-locked and personally entering an time of great personal economic depression. That's my list! I might add more soon, but this is basicly all I can think of for now! Thanks Tip.It!
  8. @ Old Wilderness and Free Trade; Yes, the poll was very poorly built, even the new one with the "No" option. Why? I'd love to see the return of Free Trade! However, I voted "No" because I dread to see the return of, gulp, the Old Wild. I SUCK at PVP, I hate it down to the bone. PVP-ing for me is just a waste of Time and Money. I'm terrified, because when I casted my vote, the "Yes" option was dominating at 91%. I'm scared that the Old Wild may return, and I will be forced to stay on the safe side of the border, knowing jumping the wall will lead me to death and destruction. I hope that when Jagex has to bring back the Old Wild (It's obvious the rest of the community wants it), they listen to the pleas of the few players like me, and replace the PVP Worlds with "Old Wild" worlds, while the rest have the "New NO PVP Wild". And while I'd love Free Trade to come back, I will admit to being a bit worried on the effects it will have on the Economy. Also, they stated, "The Grand Exchange will no longer have limits on [garden tool] much you spend", and that worries me. When trading over the G.E I ALWAYS buy at max and sell at min, but if these limits are removed I will face some tough time buying and selling goods. I don't pay attention to the economy and street prices at all, so if these limits are removed, as I said before, I will be in very bad shape. Oh well, I guess I have to wait and see what happens. I have to hope for the best and expect the worst. I'll just have to re-learn life in RS, and cope with all the changes. :ohnoes: ~ Runes Rath
  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday :D

  11. @RuneFest: Alas, I would have attendend if it wasn't but for 3 things: 1.) I live near D.C, so I would need to fly to England. Also, my familiy doesn't have passports, we would have to buy some. 2.) Saddly, I'm only 12, so my entire familiy would have to buy tickets, come, we would all have to stay in one hotel room, and my parents and sister don't care about Runescape, so they would be bored while I'm the only one having fun. 3.) Again, I'm 12, so I couldn't enjoy the entire event as mainly beer was being served. Sounds like it was a fun event, I really regret that I couldn't attend it. I'm not upset about not getting the Flagstaff of Festivities. It's great that Jagex made an item to prove you attened the first Runefest. Also, it proves that now in the future, if Runescape toys or something are released, you could possibly get a code with the item, and have a copy of that toy in game, just for the heck of it! (I'm only 12 and aand I'm Christian, so I preach against the use of strong language, cursing, and swearing. I watch my language constantly, lol) I hope that next year, Jagex can possibly make it so that younger Runescape fans will attend. Hopefully, the U.S will get out of the echonomic rut, and my parents will tolerate a Runescape wonder land for a day. I also hope that next year, you DON'T get a code for buying a ticket, and that Jagex will state that before tickets go on sale. That way, like this year, only true Runescape fans, not affraid to be called a geak, will attend, instead of people just wanting a stupid in game item. ~Runes Rath
  12. Replying to: The Looming Threat of Level 120 It would be awful if skills would have their caps raised to 120. It would most likely devistate the RS echonomy, which is already hanging on a thread. Also, players would thne have super advantages. Think about lvl 120 strength, players could hit 990 without drinking the extream potions! Also, what new thing could you make with lvl 120 smithing, or 120 mining? In order to make it usefull to train your skills this high, they would more than likely make a quest, where once you finish it, you can mine and smith dragon metal! That's how the echonomy would be ruined. No longer any need to kill Mithril dragons, I just mine some dragon ore and make my-self a Dragon Full Helm. RS should leave the caps @ lvl 99.
  13. Replying to: 'Do you mind being distracted?' I remember when the first 3 Distractions and Diversions were released. It was very exciting! Then later on, they released the Circus. It was interesting at first, be become boring over time. I still go to it when it's convenent for small amounts of xp, but the rewards are pointless. The D&D that I am not a fan of is Familiarsation. It takes forever for an obelisk to sparkle, they are usually out of the way, the D&D its self is boring, and the rewards aren't the best. I haven't been able to try out Court Cases because I haven't completed King's Ransome. I don't mind evil trees because they give fair amounts of WC and FM xp, and the magic that automaticly sends logs to your bank for a short amount of time is convenient, and the other rewards aren't half bad. Penguin Hide n' Seek isn't very hard, and the xp or coins can be very nice. I haven't tried out shooting stars, but it does sound fun. I just really wish RS would put some more time into their work and didn't just shove out new D&Ds every other week. They need to take more pride in their work in order to satisfy their coustomers.
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