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  1. Finally. 2000 Total level. Im part of the elite now yes? ;)
  2. But then if that was the case you would need to train the skill in a whole new way. If all familiars were available at level 1. then you could just make the highest exp giving pouchs instantly. and that would totally mess up the entire skill in my opinion.
  3. Any exp boost is better than none. However maybe a type of system where your exp gain by use of familiar is increased by every summoning level you have? That is the fairest way I can see it working if at all.
  4. I think some new familiers that you can access at lower levels that give you same the abilitys of those as higher levels but with a limit/lower version of the orignal ability would be nice. but thats just me.
  5. Recently while playing Runescape I have been accussed of botting as I will be doing something. For example: while firemaking. some guy goes and automatically assume im on a bot and puts a box trap expecting me to not do anything. by the time I had moved around and asked why he had allready reported me. Im just wondering if its getting this bad with bots, or was it just a one off guy who wants to be a mod, because usually people like myself just want to get along with skilling. not talking for a few hours then do a little. But anyway. What are your guys thoughts? Do you feel as though you have to talk to make sure people dont assume your a bot?
  6. After reading the guide for the minigame it still makes no sense what i need to do. I want to make the farming pots so I can make more profit on farming runs. so what do i need to do to get these pots?
  7. [spoiler=Mature Content Be Adviced] The kind of RWT i like to see. XD
  8. I will try this. Thanks :D Allready have a Scroll of Cleansing. but I shall also do this. thanks :D Since when O_O
  9. Since its been a hell of a long time since iv farmed herbs I would like to know what I should do to max my profit, and what herbs are good to farm these days?
  10. Good luck with everything. I hope you got your goals from the double exp weekend :)
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK0sY5iaLiI&feature=channel_video_title Okay guys, heres a latest video i made, it has lots of old screenshots of my account, good memorys and finally my 99 fishing at the end of it. would mean alot if you could watch it, let me know what you thought, and make your own so i can see your memories :) (ps: a like, subscribe and comment would be nice xD)
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK0sY5iaLiI&feature=channel_video_title Thought id post it here so people can let me know what they think, its just some screenshots of me getting a few stats, but there very special memorys to me :)
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