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  1. Track our clans bonus XP weekend competition, to see how hardcore we are when it comes to XP gainz! http://runetrack.com/competitions/competition_tracker.php?id=30849 Regular updates on our event activity @SoA_RS -Scotty
  2. For the latest updates and clan news, make sure you like our facebook page and follow us on twitter! @soa_rs
  3. Check out the pictures from our recent clan event! More here... Teaser... Currently active skill competitions: Monthly: October Overall XP gained competitionBiweekly: Mining competition
  4. Drop by the cc , visit our forums, come see why so many now call us home! We are a family. JOIN US!
  5. We recently asked our members to submit testimonials on our Annual Clan Awards form, I thought it would be nice to share some of those with you.
  6. Great to see loyal people around - however if anything changes, be sure to give us a call. :)
  7. Oh brilliant! Yeah, we thought we had ordered far too much when we got them, but it turns out we didn't have enough after we decided to give them to EVERYONE! Glad you have one. :)
  8. Our forums and clan chat are open to the public, so feel free to stop on by either one and say hello :)
  9. Spirits of Arianwyn may be the type of clan you're seeking. We're a pretty friendly bunch that is always happy to answer questions! :) We also have lots of members active during the time frame you suggested. Our requirements are pretty relaxed; we allow people with any skill total to apply for trial member, and for full member you must reach 1300 total. Good luck in your search!
  10. We don't do tons of pyramid plunder, but our events staff are always open to suggestions for events. ;) You are more than welcome to check out Spirits of Arianwyn, though! Good luck in your search for a clan!
  11. Hello! :) You're welcome to check out Spirits of Arianwyn! We are a pretty friendly bunch of people, and have a wide variety of events as well. Feel free to visit our forums and cc!
  12. Hello! :D Feel free to check out Spirits of Arianwyn. We're a pretty laid-back skilling/community clan that you might enjoy. :)
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