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  1. Progressing in a video game is actually considered an achievement by many, especially those receiving that feeling of happiness. Just because in the eyes of others your achievement seems dull, doesn't mean it is. For example, you can go to the gym a lot and build huge muscle, you and some others will see that as an achievement, but there will be some people out there who will comment "waste of time." This is the same for pretty much everything; video making, photography, arts, writing, dance, even study. We all have opinions and are free to express them, but using nolifers and fail in terms of gaining an achievement is a fail in itself. As a friend of many of them, I did not use the term nolifers as an insult; it's how they identify themselves. The term fail was a way I used to avoid using the negative form in my sentence. Feel free to suggest any other word. If you want to look at it from a neuroscience perspective, very simply putting, your brain produces dopamine each time you accomplish something. Dopamine is what gives you the good feeling after you've accomplished something. The amount of dopamine that your brain produces is positevely correlated to how meaninful the said achievement is for you. By knowing this, you can very easily realize why people play RuneScape, read, work out, and just about everything else. (You can begin to suspect what goes in people's brain when they state they've no motivation.) One of the things about RuneScape is, as someone previously stated, the low (or noexistent) risk involved. This is very significative point to consider when today's society is full of many different fears, specially the youth. I'm not against people that play RuneScape, whether that is casually or intensively. As I've stated, I've many friends who do so and, consequently, I've great respect for them. My main point is that I feel quite bad when I see so many people (including many of my friends) nolifing RuneScape just because of their fears. (With this I'm not saying I support #fearless or any similar nonsense)
  2. Success was the RS3 top player with the most disrespectful personality ever. I avoid getting happy from others sadness, but today is an exception.
  3. I think it's more the fact that there's no major risk or opportunity cost involved with RS skilling (strictly within the context of RS, that is). It'd be different if, like in real life, you weren't 100% guaranteed XP for doing a certain task, and XP wasn't permanent. I can go to the gym and bench 200 lbs but there's no guarantee that I'll be able to bench 205 lbs the following week, or even 200 lbs again. Similarly that time spent benching is time that could've been spent reading or squatting or something. While bench progress goes up, progress in other aspects of life regresses. So you have to pick just one area of your life to make progress in at a time or else you won't end up making much progress at anything... As opposed to RS where you can take a year off and your stats won't have decayed at all and gaining XP will be even easier after a year's worth of updates to skilling. It kinda makes sense when you think about how risk-averse the stereotypical gamer is :P I hear (read) you. But I could not stop my brain from thinking "fear, fear, fear" as I read your post.
  4. - Shit burnouts say A person that suffers of burnout syndrome would never think about being determined to anything, much less in a new context as real life that, following my previous post, a RuneScape nolifer might not be used to.
  5. RuneScape nolifers fail to realize what they could achieve if they applied the same amount of determination in real life.
  6. We should donate our money to Vestfold so he can farm effigies at Cave Crawlers for 5000 hours.
  7. the game is bound to change. If you are worried about changes just wait on content you think the average player would want changed No, GE flipping been around for ages, if they actually made it harder/impossible that would be the change. Dont really feel like arguing, how's it fair or not. But i dont think jagex intended flipping, just like they didnt intend buying bonds to be viable method to get money for all buyables, which is obviously what everyone can do, but some people chose not to. Yes, because spending 20k USD on 200M buyables is comparable to flipping passively for 200M buyables. Nice argument from analogy. The concept of flipping has been around since the earliest days of RSC. Flipping just didn't become part of the "metagame" until 2008-2010 when players like Zarfot, Jdelacroix, and AlmostLost flipped their way to 200M buyables. I don't understand why flipping isn't considered a viable option for 200M all in OSRS while it is in RS3. Whether or not Foot will change EHP rates for RC remains to be seen, but if he does, the top 15 will change significantly. Runes/Dusty/N01perfect have the most to lose to such a change, while Hey Jase/Malt/Randalicious and I would be affected the least. I don't think he is going to do it because of the backlash it would provoke, rather than because he believes that nature runes to 200M RC should be considered the most efficient way to 200M all. Thing is it's not really possible for everyone to make their money from flipping, clearly it's working for you and a few others but you can't really base the CML rate on something that wouldn't be sustainable if everyone did it. You make the bulk of your money from flipping high value items like Elysians and Third Age, correct? Do you think there would be any money to be made from flipping elys if 500+ other people going for 200m buyables started doing the same? I highly doubt it. Isn't that how life works anyway? And also one of the reasons people created the concept of "luck"? if everyone worked at McDonald's, no one would be a farmer and, therefore, there'd be no vegetables for the workers at McDonald's to use! Yet you might gain more by being a farmer or by working at McDonald's. You don't even need to think by an economic perspective to refute your own argument; The nature has always favored the most adaptable. If some people choose to adapt themselves better, by doing the best they can, they will, by the laws of Nature, be more successful. Also, psychology plays a big role in this, which I believe you can realize by your own.
  8. I can confirm with no doubt that Le me makes his gp from merching. We actually live in the same city IRL.
  9. I support the removal of Runes and Dusty from top 15 updates only if the "top 15" referes to the "15 closest contenders to 200m all". But, if you assume so, I can imagine other arguments arrising. Some will say that X is a contender and others will say that X is not, and so on. And some will laugh as they say that 200m all isn't realistic. (And who knows if Runes and Dusty won't get donations or buy RS GP? Inb4 drama about donations and bonds). So, in my opinion, if you want to avoid even more diverse drama, keep Runes and Dusty in the vague category "top 15".
  10. I think muggiwhplar is bring an important point that applys to real life and RuneScape. And let's analyze the following RuneScape example: Some people ask me how I learned to merch. I refer them to the guides and to the experience that allowed me to learn. One month later some tell me they've made millions of profit while others tell me they've made millions of loss. Assuming they had different "luck" is what makes you a sheep. Assuming that you have no control about what happens to you, is what leads you to the feeling of being "stuck". I'm no idiot - I know that you can't control everything but you can control a great amount of it. A big enough amount that has the potential to allow you to achieve what you desire. There's research about people that are optimism and pessimism. The pessimistic people are most realistic than the optimistic. Yet people that are optimistic achieve more, because they try more times than the pesismistic people. Are we here to be "realistic" or to achieve what we deeply desire? Because if you are here to be realistic, don't play a fantasy game. Futhermore, "competence" can be a very vague term. What do you mean by competence? Strategies that people use? Well, they were both following the same guide so you might realize that both group of people were using the same strategies. To me, it's more a question of what beliefs people have about what they can achieve. I've met people IRL that tell me that almost every street has a business opportunity. And, in the same world (and streets), people are unemployed waiting for that call that will save their lives.
  11. Everyone can get rich IRL. It's just that some people choose not to work towards that. And you can choose that by not working much IRL, by sit on your computer playing games for who knows how many hours per day, by choosing carreer that doesn't allow you to get much money, and so on. It's all a matter of decisions, really - whether you know to make good decisions or not is a different discussion. My point is that "it's just that I can't blablabla" is an excuse.
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