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  1. 2b cash only. Pm in game: im riley
  2. The only reason why I excluded Nex was for the obvious reason. Majority of players would automatically say nex every time but I wanted diversity in the responses so that was my reasoning of excluding Nex from a response :)
  3. Yeah but you truly can't no life Nex. You can do it majority of the day if you find a good team but you can't just sit in the layer rebank and go solo it 50-100 times a day. I agree nex is the most fun to fight and rewarding but its not no life-able persay lol Please define no-lifing then. Obviously you can't maintain constant killing of any boss, but you have drawn an (in my opinion,) arbitrary distinction here. Am I not aloud to say tormented demons simply because it takes a few minutes to run back to them? And bandos has an associated kill count, you wouldn't be killing him during that. You took my response on a word for word basis instead of interpreting it with a little bit of common sense. My definition of no lifing: Being able to do continuous runs without having to stop to find teams or groups. The whole point of this question was based on which boss would you no life SOLOING. As far as I am aware - Nex can't be solo'd with the current gear in game. Getting kill counts and banking is part of any bossing, so obviously that would not exclude TD's from the options. Please do not try to come up with witty remarks in responses to this as it will only be interpreted as another person lacking attention.
  4. Yeah but you truly can't no life Nex. You can do it majority of the day if you find a good team but you can't just sit in the layer rebank and go solo it 50-100 times a day. I agree nex is the most fun to fight and rewarding but its not no life-able persay lol
  5. Heres the question, if you had to no life a boss which boss would it be and why? Please do not just say omg i would no life nex 24/7 for awesome loot. lol post a boss that you could actually solo and would no life at. Mine is Bandos. I am no lifing there for the next 3 days and if you would like to see my progress here's a link to a video of it.
  6. Sorry everyone I have sold everything already. Thanks for the interests and the responses.
  7. DFS 18.1m 3A Robe top n bottom - 135m FURYS - 15.6m Bandos set 41.5m Santa - 79m Red H'ween - 133m Rune sets! Claws! Dragon (or) kits! Platebody, Legs, Helm! 15.5m for all 3. Berk Ring 4.3m And more. If you are looking for something just specific just post on here and chances are I may have it! Add me in game under: Cool dude47 or you can join cc: Thunders CC
  8. No set price in mind, just place your offer on which. As thread title says, I am selling both a Red Halloween Mask and a Santa hat. All offers are welcome :)
  9. Anywhere from 110m-118m Add me in game: RileyConway
  10. Interesting reply's guys/girls. I have read every single one and I am in agreement with most of them. The time before grand exchange is a big one in my eyes, as well as free trade. I wouldn't want to bring back rares or any of those types of items, because then it would make them less meaningful to those of us that were around when they were released. Keep up the ideas, I look forwarded to seeing what else people might have to say :)
  11. Yeah but the problem is that I don't remember which credit card I had used nor the # assigned to it. I mainly have been using the runescape card's that you buy at target and when i put down the card number still get's denied. Never denied for subscriptions, just for Creation Details. :wall:
  12. this is completely false. Not completely false, it took a few months after the ge came out that the items needed started to cost more than the item produced. I also miss the days before the ge, where everybody would meet in varrock and would trade and haggle. The way a real market is suppose to be. 'Hustling', as some refer to it, was my favorite 'skill' in the game. I would go to an unpop world and buy something cheap and in quantity before jumping back to w1 or w2 and selling high price.
  13. I don't know, I am kind of fond of some of the new graphics. I just played on rsc for the first time in awhile and was frustrated with the graphics however at the same time reminiscing in memories about the 'glory days'. If not one of things I previously stated, I would bring back some of the older skill cape emotes.
  14. Agreed. I remember when I first started playing on RSC about a month after Runescape was launched. I didn't know for the life of me how to get anywhere. I remember I played for a month to save up 550 coins for a steel battle axe, which at the time, I thought was the best weapon ever! I miss those days.
  15. GRRR ROAR GRRR, don't judge... Anyways, I hate that I have spent 3, yes I say again, THREE weeks trying to recover an account. I provide every single information available pertaining to the account. Each time I get a 'denied' saying lack of creation details..even though I have included all forums filled out and Place of creation: Town, City, State, Country ect. So frustrating. Then the account got locked and I put the same info and it gets unlocked. However, when I choose to ask for a new password, denied. >:|
  16. :] Eh, I would rather see more useful and direct serving updates compared to mass updates that serve no real purpose to the game. NOT saying thats what was done.
  17. The question: If you could bring back one item, feature, quest, ect from Runescape's past what would it be? Personally, I would love the old wilderness back, if not that, than definitely the no trade limit. Granted I understand why changes were made to both, but I would still love to see them back.
  18. Personally, ranks aren't a priority in my training or experience of game play. That being said, I still do generally glance at my ranks and over all. Not necessarily the individual xp and what they are at but more the overall level. I try to stay in the 6.3k range if I can. However, that is only on my "main" account. When it comes to my 'skiller' or 'pker' I don't even bother looking.
  19. My personal favorite is the KBD head. I currently have an Abyssal head in my house just for kicks.
  20. Requirements: Level 57 summoning. For faster summoning levels players can use 'Ring of Dueling' to go to Castle Wars. Players can then summon Spirit Kyatt (Level 57) and use teleport to summoning obelisk. After making pouches players can use ring of dueling and teleport back to Castle Wars and repeat process until you run out of charms. This method can use up to 2.5k (2500) Charms an hour.
  21. Hey everybody, My names Riley, just in case you could not guess it. I have been playing Runescape since either 99 or very early 00's. I can not remember exactly, however it was before there was members available. When I'm not playing Runescape I like to: -Shoot -Dirt bike -Off road -Beer Pong -Build computers -Party -Program and more..but I don't feel like listing everything. Anyways, nice to meet everyone.
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