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  1. Sup, le me will likely retain his rank 1 status because he has sh*t tons of money and is averaging 20 hours daily. Maikeru and L33 are going solid too but I highly doubt their banks are on the same order of magnitude as his (granted there's diminishing returns past a certain wealth level, but it seems to be fairly high with stuff like your best mattock being worth 10b, for example). He'll also probably execute the same psychological component of the competition that he did with invention, which was stockpile all the resources for 200m and surprise everyone by getting it in one go while the apparent players at the top start to begin to consider relaxing just a bit (F in the chat for my man Mr. 'rank 2' Scuzzy5). You can already see that's just how he plays, e.g. he just logged and jumped from 13m to 20m xp immediately. Not gonna really put a ton of effort to update this because I'm busy myself trying to get 5.6 before this cornona stuff ends, since after that I'll have to actually go back to the office and waste xp instead of what I'm doing now which is working from home training employees on my work laptop while afking arch on my other laptop, lmao. Ok kthxbai
  2. doesn't look like there's enough memes there for my taste
  3. xmas top 15 upd8: some of them got jack of all trades outside the top 15: even that a13d retard almost has it now
  4. I liked how Suomi got a little shoutout in the new quest. If that was meant to be in light of the semi-recent Twitter drama, then that was really nice of them.
  5. hey matt258 what's your eta on 200m all skills (been wondering for a couple years now)
  6. Any1 wanna do a top 15 update? Y'know since only two people have max xp and everything
  7. nah man that's WAAAYYYYY too much to remember to do after you're 5.2
  8. well i guess i have to keep paying membership till runescape shuts down now lol anyone with me
  9. Why did it take him 10 days to do his last 30mil Prayer xp? I mean you'd think once coop got headbutted off the top page and a space opened up he'd seize the opportunity but no he like goes and does regular dragon bones instead
  10. Related: http://puu.sh/kxKZc.gif /watch?v=QK8dbqL_2nc Also on the topic of top pager drama, Crystalfarm changed to an 'offensive' name and got force changed (for the love of god don't look at the new name)
  11. damn didn't know erasergaming got 99 woodcutting all the way back in 08 anyway, does anyone have exact rates for pines and barb fishing with crystallize spell (heard 220k or something for pines, haven't heard anything on barb yet)
  12. You're probably right then, my bad. There's no way Roger has under 1k though, seeing as he afked as much of the game as he could (LRC for Mining, Rocktails for Fishing) and also did Slayer when it was relatively slow.
  13. They for sure have over 1k. There are only a few that have under, e.g. Forsberg/Coop with low 900s and CrystalFarm with high 900s
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