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  1. Agreed, Jd seems to want to keep his distance from Drumgun for the time being though. Actually Jd claims to not care at all lol About Dungeoneering, Paper, why don't you just solo it? People freak out over the Xp/hr rate, but almost nobody actuallys know exactly how much it is. Just do c6 meds all the way and make sure you have some plate armor. Armor > ssh in solo. I personally was getting about 50k-60k Xp/hr at any time on any floor in my late 70s. Ice floors are faster but less Xp and as you go deeper, the slower and more Xp floors keep the balance so that you're always getting roughly the same Xp/hr rate. At levels 100+, Dg solo is likely still well over 100k Xp/hr(probably 150k+), which alone makes it a viable option for training. Or maybe I'm the only one who sees it that way, considering I think that anything faster than Agility is absurdly fast. :P @Maka Drumgun is definitely NOT going for all 200m's so your arguments make absolutely no sense lol. It's just that Drum and Jd were about even a couple weeks ago, and now Jd's about 15m ahead. Not anything major, to me it just seemed like he picked up the pace a little bit such as training more thieving to create a gap for the time being before Drum moves on to faster skills.
  2. Very nice post Paper. Good luck with your goal :D
  3. Agreed, Jd seems to want to keep his distance from Drumgun for the time being though.
  4. I personally would be interested in seeing a task list that gives the maximum possible Slayer xp/hr if effigies are used on Slayer. Would such a list be identical to a max effigy task list or some intermediate between pure Slayer xp and max effigies that the Allarwut mentioned? Elias uses his effigies on Slayer and he told me that including effigy xp he gets near 60k Slayer xp/hr but no more than that. Is it possible to customize such a list or is 60k the max?
  5. That spreadsheet was from a post earlier in this thread. Its main purpose is to show each player's time left relative to each other, rather than trying to figure out the 100% undeniable time that each player has left.
  6. https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=tZZWN3AC2Np-db1AOtRts4A&hl=en&authkey=CNXu4ucL#gid=0
  7. Because obviously S U O M I is in his 70's right now and will be 80 when he maxes in a few years, and obviously he would be blind because it's not like you need to see the game screen to efficiently play the game or anything.
  8. I ddi the same thing, but to sum it up from what i saw by skimming through, it is too much work to try and beat him to 200mil xp, and he is using effigies and she is not. No it's more like she dosen't want to actually have to train slower skills manually. She wants to use 200 effigies to get 99 rc when she could be using those on Slayer to keep rank 2.
  9. Perhaps Tezz might of bought the rank of her, with free trade and that in 2 days :P *cough* Wisely Done *cough* Read the description of this vid
  10. Well the only things he can spend them on is Prayer/Slayer, and since he's making money for Prayer anyway I'd say Slayer.
  11. I get the feeling that Zezima just enjoys the game mechanics of Dungeoneering (just like he enjoys those of funorb games) instead of training it just to max total level.
  12. @ Flake - It might be human nature to judge others, but that doesnt mean we should force others to live a different way because we think our way of living is better. The other person might enjoy their lifestyle more. And it is not selfish, as I clearly stated in the third sentence that if you make bad choices you will suffer the consequences of your actions. The purpose of that post was an attempt to terminate the nolifing debate that had arisen for the millionth time, but the majority of those posts were hidden anyway so my post might seem only semi relevant. I might delete that post later, because of these reasons and because it facilitates even more off topic debates by kids who want to look cool over the internet by attacking random posts such as mine and trying to make sophisticated arguments that dont even have any relevance to the original topic whatsoever.
  13. Seriously guys, all of this normative debate dictating how players must live their lives is pathetic (and even more off topic than stuff like Xens calculations, which arent even off topic in the first place). We are given the free will to do what we want with our individual lives and that is our choice alone. You should live life the way you want to, and suffer the consequences and/or reap the benefits of your actions. It is not up to others to judge if one way of living is better than the other. This parallels how people also have the free will to decide for themselves how they wish to play RuneScape. The facts are, Zarfot was extremely efficient and Drumgun is extremely consistent. They have each earned their own merits and have rightfully gained respect for them. It is not our job to normatively judge and say that one was better than the other. People play the game and live life the way they want to. Everyone has their own style. Thats all there is to it, and thats all there should be to it.
  14. I personally would rather read through "math" posts than posts like this.
  15. Been following this thread for a while now, just thought I'd mention that Elias said he's going for 200m Slayer after Dungeoneering. A wise choice because of all those effigies. :thumbup:
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