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  1. Best update all year. This isn't like the previous typing limits they tried out.
  2. Wish you luck with this. :) Two things you got to teach first: 1. 'End' means come and end as fast as you can, not after you cook your food/make armour etc. 2. PRESS YOUR NUMBER AT THE END SCREEN FOR THE LOVE OF [email protected][email protected][email protected]
  3. if you do want to see the fastest large with 5:1, use 1 lvl 3 so that all the monsters and boss are below lvl 10 too- means anyone can 1-hit the boss too.
  4. I always wanted to make a runescape blog on tipit detailing some of the experiences in-game. I nearly did so when I went for 100 dungeoneering, in the end I was just too lazy. But now, with the summer I have some time to kill. When I started runescape, mining was my favourite skill, there was just something awesome about getting stuff out of the ground and using it to make weapons/armour and lots of other stuff. However in f2p at least, mining just becomes the largest click and grind fest of any game I've played. Add to that the inevitable confrontation over spot crashers and competition, I soon lost interest. But some of that love of mining remains. As I have played for quite a few years now, I think I have experienced nearly every major type of gameplay f2p runescape has to offer. Except of course rune mining :wink: , so here it is, the push to 85 mining. I guess the first thing is to post a pic of my current stats: I am approx. 1.3mil xp away from my target. I plan to reach 85 mining over 3 months. Sounds like alot but I don't play for very often each day. My plan is to do 14k-15k xp a day, which should take around 20/30mins and that is the maximum non-stop clicking I can take :rolleyes:. I will be mining iron ore obviously. The spot I use is in the dwarven mines in front of the resource dungeon. I like to bank the ores to use later for smithing. Bots aren't much of a problem for iron mining as I react faster than they are programmed to do in almost every case. I generally use W61 or any Uk servers.
  5. Can the goblin mail be coloured? edit: to answer my question, no. =p
  6. WOW, long journey came to an end, hit 100 dung finally. Wewt, finally I can return to W7 dunging to be the fully kitted out mage I've always dreamt of being :thumbsup: Am I the only one who finds W7 more fun that 61? :shades:
  7. Its quite fun. You control 3 characters and complete a med sized dungeon. The whole thing has a plot and you have to complete secondary objectives while in the dungeon. It was pretty cool being like level 35 again struggling to kill some lvl 19 shades ^^. You get around 4k xp in a combat skill of your choice at the end and a little bit of dung xp.
  8. The real story here is cowboy14 took a lot of his own time to help a fellow gamer out, even though he was wronged. Sadly I have never seen anyone else do this in the last 4 years.
  9. I think the full rune because there are no more revs which were annoying with mage. No one use f2p mage to pk at that high level so melee armour seems wise.
  10. Smithing 1 item in the workshop takes much longer than 1 item outside. Definitely more than 4 ticks. I prefer the time I save afking over the extra 10% xp.
  11. Wow the dung tweaks are so awesome, especially the maze update =), more motivation to get to 100 w00t.
  12. Yup, I've enjoying all the f2p updates released by Jagex over the last year. Adding old p2p stuff and making sure its all works in f2p seems like a waste of time.
  13. Ranged Attack Bonuses: Dromoleather body +11 Tier 1 Longbow +26 Total: +37 Spinebeam Longbow +70 In a dungeon the longbow fares much better than shortbows. Even dealing with shortbows: spinebeam= +19; dromobody+teir1shortbow = +18 ...
  14. @FierySoul If you want to have easy access to 2 combat styles: -You bind ammo as well as the 2 items at 55 dung. Seeing as your highest cb skill is range you would try Spinebeam bow and Frac arrows, for the last bind I would recommend a crush type melee wep ( like frac2h or maul ). -Alternatively, if you like mage, bind the blastbox in the ammo slot and a fire(my preference) or catalytic staff. In this case you will be ineffective against rangers, so you could bind a slash wep like the frac2h. 1-handed weps are really not that great, you dont get a shield mostly anyway. Since my main style is melee I bind a platebody and spear, with the blastbox to cover the cb triangle. Switching between the 2 styles can be a pain, but you do get the added defence.
  15. I remember trying to hog the 4 coal at barb ville when I didn't know any better >.< But yea skele mine is the best option since mining guild is ruined.
  16. Perhaps RWT through staking can not be detected through their new bot busting tools?
  17. Since around 4 weeks ago (probably longer) :razz:
  18. Don't know, but you can drop trade it so no problem =)
  19. In the above video, I didn't see him wearing any swa nky boots. Would that make any difference?
  20. Ahh ok, I was just reading this, http://forum.tip.it/topic/263288-new-f2p-magic-max-hit-and-other-dungeonerring-oppurtunities/
  21. You mean with the blastbox seperate hit? That wouldn't be counted as 1, over 200, hit would it? like d claws. Or can fire blast hit over 200?
  22. yea i got the angel of death from my 1 week p2p, but even 6mins sometimes isnt enough... when im busy watching a show =P
  23. the staffs pretty useful, especially when i die training at spiders =P
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