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  1. Well, it's still a great achievement. Well done!
  2. Hey guys, I know that tip.it needs the ads to help fund the great work you do, but do you realise that there are adverts for RS Gold? In the side banner under the circus locations. Oops!
  3. Well, as one of those people who has clan admin status, it fell to me to deal with the Avatar. Most of the time, it isn't too much of a bind, but there has been one positive outcome from the update. We actually 'see' each other, lol. We've organised bank sitting events, in that we pick a bank to camp at (Edge for smelting, Varrock for smithing, etc), get a bonfire going, do a spot of cooking, bit of fletching, alching or whatever and more of us benefit from the bigger skill boost. As a clan that is small and struggles to maintain tier six some weeks, it's been a huge boost to the positivity in the clan regarding the citadel. Like a lot of updates, you get the most out of them if you put more into them.
  4. Hey Roseiah, I'm not going to insult you by just C+P my clan recruitment post. We're not like that in PLAY WITH HONOUR. We don't have any mandatory events, other than we really appreciate participation in the citadel (Tier 6). Most of the members are into skilling, we try to host a Star team and Evil Tree team every day, although there are a few members that like to dungeoneer, TBH though, the summer vacation is making these things less regular than we would like. You can check out our recruitment thread here - QFC 288-289-754-63749248 Or pop into our clan chat as a guest - PwH Feel free to PM myself or another clan ranked member if you're interested. Looking forward to chatting, Cult
  5. Hi there Green :cool: PLAY WITH HONOUR is a clan for all players of all levels. We were created on August 1st, 2010. Honour by definition means "A code of honesty, fairness, integrity, dignity, and pride". Our members have these qualities and our mantra is to have the most drama-free, supportive, and friendly clan in Runescape. We are a clan that is run by adults for everyone to enjoy as long as you are willing to have fun as a part of our awesome community and you are mature and respectful. We do not support merchanting for the purpose of price manipulation. Discussion of price manipulation is also not welcome. We prefer to work towards our goals as Jagex intended in the true spirit of the game. We are a fountain of great advice with all levels of players from pure level 3 skillers to level 138 beasts! Events are occasionally scheduled, but never mandatory. Our rules are simple as they all revolve around respect for ourselves and each other. Breaking the rules may result in a deranking. The rules are simple and easy to follow. Your rank is a privilege, not a right and quite frankly disrespectful, rude, negative people or people who can't follow the rules are not welcome. We are not here to babysit you. If you plan to AFK while in the clan chat, do not apply. Being in PwH is about the great community, playing honourably and being active in the cc. If you are not interested in being interactive in the cc, do not apply. Persistent, unresponsive AFK-like players will be considered inactive and deranked. You must bump the thread weekly to not lose your rank. Bumping helps with recruitment, is a way to share information and is how we monitor clan activity. Clan chat: PwH Clan home world: 91 QFC: 288-289-754-63749248 We have a tier 6 Citadel with a volunteer scheme for maintaining it, and a fair few of our clan are daily farmers.
  6. Many thanks for that Sy. We're trying to set a voluntary rota for the skill plots that clan members already have 99 in, as these are the plots that are the last to cap, and reduce enthusiasm to cap. The furnace and loom are v popular, but no-one really does the grunt work.
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a smithing skill plot calc? One that will say how much charcoal/ore/p. ore required to cap the furnace plot. Or even how much charc/ore/ needed to produce 1 metal bar, so I can work it out myself? Thanks for your help. CJ
  8. OOH, the eloquence of C&P. How tempting. :thumbdown:
  9. Hi Guys, I've been wanting to join a clan for a while now, but the two clans I have previously joined were little more than chat channels! I'm not especially combat focused, although I am 108. I'd like to be part of a clan that is committed to the citadel, as I see it as a nice little bonus, although I don't mind what tier the citadel is. Please reply here, as I keep my friends set to private.
  10. Try attending on of the Tip.It events, the chats always starts about the event, but then can get quite random! You might bump into a like minded player or two.
  11. No Worries :razz: That's the trouble with the written word, you don't get to see the cheeky grin or the waving arms that might accompany a post, and give it a different tone. No emoticon is a substitue, sadly.
  12. As it goes, I haven't looked at your levels. However, I don't believe that is relevant. So please, don't ignore my gibberish, read it again, this time carefully looking for the phrase where I accuse YOU of fundamental elitism. If this is the sentence you're referring to, you should bear in mind that it is not about you, as an individual, but about the concept of a benefit to newer players. I have made no assumptions about you as an individual. I appreciate that there has been some negative responses towards your article, this can't be an easy thing to receive. However, the tone of your article, makes it appear that you have a deep hatred of SoF. That would be an irrational hatred. Just relax, no-one is having a go at you, just the article. Try not to be so defensive. It makes you seem like a Diva. Not cool Dude.
  13. You don't have to become a military to overthrow a regime. Equally, in this day and age, doesn't military power means jack shit? Look at Afghanistan. Without getting into the politics of who armed the them, the Russian invasion, and now the coalition invasion buggered up, the indigenous population have repelled every invader.
  14. Absolutely! I look forward to it. :thumbsup: What is Tip.it and the Times for, if not to explore issue around the game we love?
  15. The issue with the 'third world' (Africa specifically) is that they are only financially sufficient, in that they DO have resources, but cannot exploit those resources, without foreign expertise. Slotting that into indigenous hierarchies has only served to give wealth into the elite. There is very little framework to 'share the wealth' e.g. a manufacturing framework, where workers can begin to think about unions; democratic principals that would encompass individual states, rather than tribal (read monarchy) territory's; even socialist concepts. Should the continent of Africa combine it's individual states, it could puff it's chest up to the USA. However, there are so many other states that have 'interests' in individual African states, that they 'passively' dictate (individual African states) governmental policy. It will take a revolution akin to the American Civil War, ending in a declaration of independence of sorts, that encompasses all African states, before Africa, as a continent, stops being a third world county. I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that. However, look at what has happened in Egypt in the last year. Historically, Egypt has been the most advanced of the African states. The idea that Africa as a continent, a group of individual states - countries - cannot be just a pipe dream. Egypt is the first step in an imposed democracy. Which does mean: Continued civil war Where atrocities will continue to happen Where infrastructure that would lift a state out of 'third world' status, will not occur. Where children die. Where children will join the army. Where children will not be educated. Where all the charity money we in the west have donated, will count for nothing. Where we feel helpless.
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