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  1. We always used Rune Def + Whip for Sara in our Trios. This made us virtually uncrashable by any other Trio/4Man. Of course we used Claws/Ags for specs though. We all has Turmoil but i was usually the only one with Ext/Ovl. So i assume this will make a Rapier good there too.
  2. I've seen a lot of posts saying how amazing the Rapier is for Slayer and how the Rapier is superior to the Whip in any situation but i've never heard much about the Long Sword. I started doing a bit of Dungeoneering this week and managed to get the hang of it and i must say i enjoy it now. I have decided to try and get 85 or so during the next few weeks. 85 will only give me enough points/tokens for one Chaotic Weapon and i am still lost as to which to choose. I know everyone says the Rapier is the best seeing as it hits at the same speed as a whip but the Long Sword has an even larger Str Bonus at a slightly slower speed making it almost like a one handed Godsword. My uses for it, like i've said, will mostely be Graardor, K'ril and DK's with the possibility of Zil here and there. I might still have about 2m Exp left till 99 Slayer then so whichever weapon i get might replace my whip. Thing is i don't want people to tell me Rapier is the best just because they see the word Slayer in this post. If a Long Sword is better for Boss Hunting but sucks for Slayer then i'd rather get the Long Sword and just stick at my whip for a while for Slaying. And also i guess eventually i'll get more points/tokens. I enjoy DK's and Arma solo'ing very much. Would it be wise to make the CHaotic Bow my next purchase?
  3. When i Ranged Slayer Tasks i used D'hide, Fury, Full Slayer Helm, Fury, Archer/Ferocious, Barrows Gloves. I'd use a Rune Crossbow + Broad Bolts on tasks where the NPC had a higher Defence and a Magic Short Bow with Broad Arrows (only because i had 20k of them). I would suggest Rune Arrows though. With Tasks where it's harder to find a Safe Spot just swap the Chaps for a Verac Skirt or something. It also helps if you play Eagle Eye or something. It really doesnt drain that fast but it does speed up the kills a lot. I tired using Knives and Darts for Slayer but i hit more 0's than anything else. Unless you use Rune Knives and Dragon Darts it's not wort using any at all. I'd also assume that the Chaotic Bow is pretty much a good idea for Slayer.
  4. Oh yeah i assumed planting seeds from Slayer drops and MTK. My bad. Anyway making herbs from MTK into pots is also not a bad idea. But bottom line. 95% of the people who have 99 Herb or even 85+ Herb did it the costly way because it's the most efficient. Spend 150m on herb and get the level you wish, use your newly made potions to Slay/Boss Hunt faster, make your 150m and more back in no time.
  5. Best way of doing it cheaply is by using the herbs from you own patches. This however is very slow. I used to do this for about 1m exp but gave up due to the slowness of it. You only manage to get about 120 or 130 herbs a day (depending on how much you play) which makes it super slow herblore exp. The other way is of course to clean herbs. It's not very fast either. I think someone once told me the cheapest most effiencient way to train herb is to sell the herbs you farm and buy unf pots. This won't be much faster than the method i first mentioned but it saves you that few minutes of making unf pots yourself. And at the end you break even 100%
  6. So i managed to complete my first ever game of Dungeoneering today. I only got 3k Exp or so after the round was done (Level 46 - 47). Now my questions is this: Is the zexp really this slow? It takes about 30 minutes to complete the floor and you only get 3k Exp? Is this the way it is or am i doing something really wrong? I decided that i'd like to get the Chaotic Bow and the Long Sword but if it takes this long then getting one is going to be a goal i'll have to set aside for now. I've heard people say you can get it in 2 weeks but i can't see how at this rate. Also on that note, are any of the other items wort getting? The thing that prevents poison looks pretty handy for someone like me that enjoys doing Zammy? Also the Surge Box looks handy for Ice Wyrms tasks? Then also that Ranged Prayer? Are any of the shields worth having? Can't remember all the items but what is worth having and what's not? But yeah my main concern at this stage is the Exp rate. I really don't know if i'm doing something wrong or if this is just the way it is at the start?
  7. I might try do Seer's elite then. The herb requirement won't be a problem seeing as i already have 99 Herblore. And also i doubt with my 95 Prayer i'd need to go much over +15 Prayer bonus. I usually only start praying once the 360's come out, the rest of the way is no prayer. No prayer is really needed for them if i have an EE (and hopefully soon an EEE). I'll probably start doing some quests next week Monday and get cracking on the requirements for the Hand Cannon (i want to start WGS soon anyway) Anyhow, thank you very much for all the help. You've been great!
  8. Hmm sounds great but you lost me on a few things. EEE? Upgraded version of the EE? And Elite Void? And i doubt i;ve done the quest for the Handcannon yet, but i'll get to that before i go Jad. And i actually forgot about the Caves as a task. I think i might actuall wait till i get a task before i attempt to get the cape back. I can only imagine what the extra bonus of the Full Slayer Helm does.
  9. Uhhh hell no. He almost got pwnt. It's a lot safer just sticking to Ranging Jad then. That's the way i enjoy it anyway. But i heard having a Saradomin Bow will make the Caves a lot easier seeing as the Special Heals? But those must be pretty costly and hard to get, right? Guess i'll just stick to what has worked the best for me. SoulSplit, Dhide, V Helm, Zammy Book, D Boots, Fury, Barrows Gloves and Extreme Ranging Potions. Will also be using Broad Bolts with a Rune CrossBow and Diamond (e) for Jad then. This still is pretty much the standard setup i assume? Oh and oc course i'll take my Whip + Rune Def for the waves up untill the 360's come out and play.
  10. Might aswell just wait till you have enough money to reach 95 in one go. Soulsplit really isnt that usefull. Unless you don't have 69 for a Bunyip (with EE) or 88 Summoning for a Unicorn then Soulsplit becomes usefull. But if you have either of those then just wait till you can buy turmoil.
  11. So after returning today and recovering my account i saw that 95% of my bank was missing. I went from a ~400m bank to a ~30m bank due to a hacker that was really bad at PK'ing. Anyway money is no problem as i have been an unwealthy player many a time but always managed to pick myself up. What really annoyed me was the fact that my Fire Cape was missing. A cape i was proud of having with an internet connection that has a 0.50MB/S Download speed. Anyway. I'll probably attempt to get it back again sometime in the not too distant future. Is Jad still straight up like it used to be? Can i still just use D'hide, Rune Xbow with Diamond (e) bolts or is there now an easier, faster way? Feel free to suggest the more expencive ways too as i could always make a bit of money before i do the caves. And then it seems my dear hacker has brought me within 24 QP's of While Guthix Sleeps. I assume this is still a good way of making money? The Demons i mean. With RuneCrafting, a skill i very much enjoy despite my low level of 72, ZMI is still the fastest and Natures still most profitable? Then with Mining. I seem to have aqquired the Varrock Armour (3) thanks to the guy who hacked me. How will this speed up my mining? And where will i go? Will concentrated Coal be best till 78 and then Gold till 99? All i can think of now. Thanks in advance.
  12. Alrighty well Dungeoneering came out about 5 days before i stopped playing RS. Today is my first day back again. No, i didn't manage to get 46 int he first day of release. The nice fellow who hacked me did that for me along with a few other usefull things (such as quests, diaries, losing my entire bank and actually giving me pleasure in amking money again). So anyhow i don't really know a thing about the skill at all. Lets say i were to devide my 10 hours a week into 3 seperate portions. 1 Hour of slaying (most tasks only take about an hour if you're doing it right) and this time also includes 3 or 4 minutes for a herb run. Then another hour for a skill such as RC, Agility, Con or maybe a minigame and also another 3 or 4 minutes for a herb run. Lets say i throw Dungeoneering into the mix and do that a few hours a week. From 46 - 81 what will the time-span be? Meaning what are the exp rates? And do they Increase as you level up? Will i be able to Have ~80 Dungeoneering by the time i reach 99 Slayer? Because after 99 Slayer i'll most likely do some form of Boss Hunting for an hour each day a long with another hour of skilling. And if the rapier is as worthy of the effort as you say then it sounds like an attractive item to have.
  13. Yeah i've heard a rapier is good, put seeing as i don't plan being online much (not with law school, work and social life in the mix) i guess i can pull off a 1 or 2 hour session per day, not even everyday. And also keeping in mind that my slayer is 3 levels from 99 spending that much time getting a weapon i'll only use for a month or two seems like a bit of a waste. But is it any good as a GWD weapon? For soloing of course? Using it at Zammy or Bandos? If infact it has a use there then i might look into getting it over time.
  14. Setup mentioned above is overkill. V Skirt > Bandos Tassy. Sure Bandos has that little extra STR bonus but it lacks the prayer bonus, and that's what you want. For efficient slaying all you need is V Skirt, Prossy Chest, Whip, Def, Fury, D Boots, Barrows Gloves, Zerker or Warrior. Also a ZS is handy to have. You'd be slaying much faster using this setup praying piety or turmoil than you would using bandos. Spend 10m on some pots and i assure you you will have 99 slayer sooner this way and save yourself a hell of a lot of money. Smart people dont slay in Bandos. Edit: Slayer armour is not suppose to focus on str bonus. Its supposed to get the best ballance between Atk, Str and Prayer. And if such a ballance cant be found it should focus on prayer because Prayer > Str Bonus.
  15. that was good advice, i have never really got into slayer but have enjoyed it in the past a bit and might see how it goes also with so hunting in there That's the best thing you can do. Always alternate between skills. I know in your original post you said not to suggest Slayer, but it is a great money maker once you reach even 72. Its really a dummy skill. Since you can click an NPC and then chat and interact it's a fun way to make your money. A lot of people are put off by Slayer due to the fact that it takes so long to level. I just reached 96 Slayer today and anready i'm discouraged by the fact that i need 1m Exp to advance to 97 but it still remains easy which makes it fun. Then always do your MTK and Herb Runs. They bring in something extra too. It takes 10 minutes every 45 minutes to do a Herb Run and it all accumulates to a great ammount.
  16. Whip still the best to use? Also saving up for Bandos + Ags again. Or should i rather get claws? Going to be mostely for when i decide to Bandos/Zammy. And for arma is it still okay if i just stick to Dhide, V Helm, Rune Xbow, D bolts, BSS? Thats what i used when i solo'd a hilt. Welfare but i managed a good 8 - 10 solo kills.
  17. Most of the time i spend on RS will probably go into Slayer. Problem is, before i left i had a good 400m in my bank. Now it has been reduced to 30m. Already bought all the basics like a whip, fury, d boots, v skirt. Trying to get Rune Def back now. Hacker lost my fire cape so i'll just stick to a SW cape. Torso? What do i use for that? Fighter Torso? Or what? Or do i just go with the good old torag body? Treat me like i'm a newbie please because i really forgot everything haha.
  18. Well back when i played the easiest way to make money was to not think about it. Just by randomly having fun i managed to make a good 550m in a week. Mind you that was when hilts were a lot more than they aare now. The trick is always not to think about making money RIGHT NOW, THIS SECOND, but to think about things that will make you money in the long run. Doing things the quick and easy way often lead to boredom and i can assure you now that even though Green Dragons are 1m+ an hour, you're going to do 3 or 4 trips and be back here posting "okay been there, done that. Now i'm bored, suggest more options". We get that all the time. The best advice anyone can give you is to play smart. Do what you find fun because standing at a tree picking fungus off it really is not fun. Mindlessly killing 3 green dragons = not fun. Rather rely on a stable permanent income than a large once off income. Slayer, hunting, Boss Hunting here and there. Although i'd have to say with a high slayer level i found that to be the best income in the game (aside from striking it lucky here and there with GWD). Slayer has brought me an income of over 700m or even 800m. And the best part of it is that i was enjoying myself all the way. If you don;t have the high Slayer level yet then don't stress. Simple tasts like Banshees and uhhh can't remember the names of those other ghosty flying things, but they can profit 600k an hour. Sure it's not 1m+ but atleast this is fun. Know it wasn't exactly the answer you were looking for but i hope that makes some sense to you.
  19. Yeah i guess if i do 5 hours of slayer a week and 5 hours of another activity then i could reach the 99's i wanted in a short ammount of time. Now the only question is how do i get my account back? It has been hacked seeing as the adventurers log shows activity. I doubt my old recovery questions are still the same (and i probably won;t even remember them if they were). Is there any way of getting it back? Edit: Okay so i just submitted an appeal but i don't know which name i should have used. The old origianal one or the new one? I used slaytanicc, that right? EDIT 2: HEll yes baybay Nox is back in beeesneees.
  20. Hi guys. I think some of you may remember me. I used to play RS for about 2 years up until a year ago when i moved...again... and kind of stopped playing RS. I haven't played for a good 10 months and i assume my account has been hacked because there is activity as recent as today. Anyway my old name was Slaytanicc (changed it to Nox but i'm sure most of those who will remember me will remember me as Slaytanicc). Anyway to get down to basics. I've been thinking of becoming a socail player once again. Or should i say this time i'll stick to just being a social player and not a 14h a day player transforming me into a vampire. The thing is, i might not be able to get my old account back (which is a pitty seeing as i got 99 Herb and Summoning just a few weeks before i quit, and i was pretty close to getting 99 Slayer and Prayer). If infact i am not able to get it back i will have to start....from step one. This, as i remember is pretty annoying. Especially if you have to go back to driving a bike after you've drivien a Ferarri for 2 years. I havent really kept myself up to speed with the updates but i know there has been plenty. How will a player like myself adapt to them? I know this is a stupid question and i hated these kind's of posts myself but now i ask the same question. With having a job, university studies and an xBox, will i still be able to progress at a decent pace in RS when only being a social player (meaning 1 or 2 hours a day, maybe not everyday. lets say 10 hours a week)? And with a high end account, how easy will it be to adapt to the new changes? I pretty much still know the map like the palm of my hand (unless new lacations have been added) and i still know what the best methods were from 2 years ago. Don;t know if it's all still the same, but if it is then i still know what to do and what not to do. Only things i might be lost with are things related to new updates. So to put my question clear. If i become a social player, will i still be able to progress at a decent stage? I know this was possible when i played, not so sure now. Keep in mind that your answer has to considder both options of me getting back my account and not getting it back. Thanks guys.
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