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    Heard you were looking for a clan. Looking at your request it seems you have quite the potential. Legendz, an f2p & p2p warring clan, is looking for an additional warlord. If your interested, check us out:

    Site/forum: http://www.rslegendz.com
    IRC: #legendz
    CC: lgz_chat

    We are #1 on TWR for most active clan, averaging 3-6 wars a week. 2 of which are usually on the weekend for your convenience, we are est and gmt based. Treat this as a favour, cause tbh i don't usually send pms to people unless i see potential.


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  1. congratulations on the with Cr
  2. Brutal Forces canceled on Legendz.. =\

  3. Pieter i miss you man, get back on rs <3

  4. Hey man add me on Rs<3 Park Dillon1

  5. We are #1 on TWR for most active clan <--- no flame intended, but twr is dead.

  6. Welcome to Tipit ;D

  7. Legendz Ftw

    1. Briann


      Agree, you have Eskomo!

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