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  1. The Blog of Unicornus [spoiler=Personal Bio]Name: Jacob Country: The United States State: Kansas Age: 16 Grade: 10 Current Games: League of Legends, WoW, and Runescape Favorite Game: Super Smash Bros Favorite Food: Spicy Buffalo Wings Favorite Book Series: LotR Favorite Movie: The Matrix [spoiler=Runescape History]I recently recovered my account after a year or two of it being, well, not in my hands. I am currently waiting for the bank pin to go away so I can get back in the game. When I first lost it I gave up hope and created a new account which is only level 92, but now that I have my old account back, I am looking forward to experience more advanced content. [spoiler=Stats as of (1/23/2011)'] Current Goals:
  2. I like it, good luck and I hope to see some of your progress soon.
  3. My stats are in my signature. If you want me to join your clan/team give me a good (at least 2 original well constructed paragraphs) why id be better off in your clan/team. Any copy and paste stuff will be ignored.
  4. I meant the upcoming wilderness, I wish I still had a legitimate pure. It would be pretty sweet trying it out with the best stats possible, which you have.
  5. It is, just like the poster before you said, you should train on fleshies until 70+ defense.
  6. I recommend slayer, not only is it a potential profit, it will give you Slayer experience along with Melee experience (obviously, but why train one stat when you could train several).
  7. You should at least try out pking in the wilderness before you decide, there is no need to make that kind of decision hasty.
  8. You should raise your prayer to 43, there is no incentive to having it at 41. You should also raise your magic and range to the point where you are maxing out your combat level potential. After you do those just raise your strength.
  9. Considering the poster is level 47 combat, suggesting green dragons is rather... stupid. I would also not suggest using dragon bones if you do not have an altar at your house. Although it may be the highest prayer xp/bone you have access to, you are still losing quite a bit of money. You can easily make up the amount of prayer experience from dragon bones and more if you were to sell the dragon bones and then purchase big bones. All in all, if some one is using a cannon or just training combat at a low level, they should go to rock crabs. Pretty much rock crabs will be the best thing to kill at a low combat level because you will have no risk of death, there are many of them, and they have a low amount of defense and a high amount of health.
  10. Nice blog, you should add a personal bio and maybe some more pics outside of the hidden ones in order to catch attention.
  11. Silentcore (a rather famous Runescape on youtube) created a video describing the poll regarding the wildy and free trade as an attempt to break a record in the Guinness Book of World Records. However, that is just a theory, 90+% voted to bring back free trade and the wilderness and the only thing Jagex said was something along the lines of "We'll have an announcement Monday". So at this point in time we cannot be 100% sure that Jagex will bring back free trade or the wilderness, we can only wait till tomorrow to find out. In my personal opinion, it's not because numbers have dropped. Jagex is in the position as the largest free/relatively inexpensive MMO; this position practically gives them the ability to do whatever they want to their playerbase under the understanding that there isn't any other alternative out there. If they do go through it, then I think it is because they have finally wised up and started paying attention to their community.
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