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  1. Whats the price of whip vines at atm? Still trying to get mine... :/
  2. Disclaimer: I apologise in advance if you have dyslexia or any other condition which prevents you from using full-stops, commas, or anything else. That said, I tried reading your paragraph out loud a couple times, and ran out of breath. That said.... This is not a rant. I used to pk with my old main at mage bank years ago where you never double teamed [/b]very often***[/b], so I decided to try pking today. I got lured by a level 120 around to the opposite side of the god arena where 7-8 level 138's were waiting with ancient magics and then continued to korasi spec me to to my death where i lost around 300k. It was hilarious to see that if you go past edgeville now you are basically need a clan wars army. Pretty funny imo. I wanted to see what the old pkers and new think of this as i found it more funny than anything because i don't pk often or consider myself good. *** Wait what? you never..... very often. :???: Second page, and no one else has done this? What happened to the tip.it I know. Back on topic... AllotA lot of new content has come out in the years since you used to PK, so the 'community' surrounding it has adapted. Part of the reason people run around in groups is safety in numbers; if you're running around the deeper levels of the wilderness alone like that, you should expect yourself to be seen as an easy target for these groups. If you're concerned about that sort of scenario occuring, I'd recommend finding some people you can trust to go into the wilderness with you. :) Grammar wars go both ways :thumbup: Forums are here to share ideas about a topic quickly and effectively. As long as the idea gets across I don't think we should be worried about grammar all the time :shades: OT I pked on my pure back in the "old days" and If you were caught with teles/praying/pjing you would be immediately kicked from your clan. Its not about "using all of your advantages" or "adapting to new k0 weapons." For me, its about fun and enjoying myself. I go and train my stats up (legally) and I get disappointed when people constantly pray or pray just when I pull out my spec weapon. Someone earlier said that its a 50/50 chance of winning if you don't pray, however I see it as the opposite. When both people pray it makes it insanely hard/boring to kill someone while only hitting -200s. Its the same reason for lower level pures with 1 defense/20 def/45 or w.e. Its a lot funner to be hitting high numbers. If both people don't pray then neither one has an advantage and its more based on skill. EDIT: Most of this regards pure pking in edgeville/drags. Never had much experience with mains so I won't talk about them.
  3. Does anyone remember when Santa Hats were 150k? Thats about when I started playing. If you could give me a year that would be fun to know
  4. Its the older one. http://www.microsoft.com/uk/hardware/mouseandkeyboard/productdetails.aspx?pid=112 I dont know what you mean by reposition itself
  5. Couple questions, Is arcane stream worth it? How much of a benefit would it give? (Im only using Earth Surge btw. No one noticed I dont have 94/95 mage lol) Can anyone link me to a video/pic? Need a location for the cannon. No where close to getting Fremmy elite diary btw
  6. Not sure if this is the right place but I have been having troubles using my mouse lately. Erratically my left click will just stop working, but all other mouse functions work. I can move it/right click. It stops working for about 3-5 seconds which is very bothersome seeing as I can't do anything in RS that requires sudden changes (Td's). Using a new mouse for about an hour and i haven't had any problems yet. The mouse im using is a "Microsoft Arc." Its wireless. I have rebooted my comp and put in new batteries. (Mouse also has a battery indicator which is green) Thanks in advance! -Tyler
  7. Thx for all the help, I think i got it now
  8. How many kc for bolt racks? Is it 6 brothers +4 creatures in tunnel?
  9. Whats the fastest way to make money at dks? I have rapier, elite void, ovls, yak. 60m to spend on gear If its tribridding can anyone supply me with a guide/ basic info?
  10. Getting 95 pray soon, is it faster xp to just store pak yak with 26 bones or spend the extra time banking to fill him all the way up?
  11. Just curious, whats more efficient for all 200m using effigies on slayer or RC? Seems like RC would be more efficient seeing as 200m slayer wont max all combats.
  12. So aggressive will always beat out accurate?
  13. Idk if this is obvious or if its been talked about but what attack method gives you the most DPS for slayer/pvm?
  14. Zombie champion scroll can be obtained pretty easily after some chinning in chaos tunnels
  15. Where/How to kill them most efficiently?
  16. Can you just explain the method briefly to get the most conquest pts? I can have my friend suicide if needed
  17. Its 96 and I have a vecna skull or wolpertinger I can use. Thanks for your help
  18. I heard the best place to kill them is at the wilderness fortress but I have no idea how to get there. I have done the quest but I ran through wildy to get there which I don't plan on doing with slay gear.
  19. Does anyone know the drop rates for brawling gloves at reverants? Does anyone have a guide to them? Which to kill etc?
  20. How long would it take me to get 66-77 mining? And after 77 mining would LRC mining be faster than getting 90ish smithing with just gold? (Im more inclined to do smithing as that would let me get ardy cape, which helps daily on my farm runs) Im really only looking to do 1 of the paired skills in effigies. How fast is Ivy vs fletching longs (u) at my levels? thx
  21. Im looking for the most "efficient" way to train my skills while doing some homework. I really don't care which skill but I was hoping it would be an effigy skill. That be said I don't want to fish as I already have farming. Of the following skills which would be the fastest to train while remaining afk-able? (I don't want to be spending over 1m/hr at max) -Smithing -Crafting -Fletching/Woodcutting I am hoping to get cooking brawlers soon and do wines for 97 so thats not an option either
  22. beastlyb9


    Im trying to get 99 Slay/Sum as fast as possible (I will eventually be getting 99 mage and I dont mind bursting rock lobs for charms) Currently I am 91 Slay and 92 Sum and just have a few questions: How many charms will I get from 91-97 Slayer? (I am thinking effigies will get me the last 2 levels) How much does Pak yak help in slaying? Im thinking it would just help me bank bones (As I need some cash for turm/ovls) Should I use effigies on slayer @ lvl 97? Or use my 14 I have now to help me get Pak yak quickly? Same question with WGS reward Thx in advance If something doesn't make sense just ask its 2 am :P
  23. I'm gonna be making about 10k super energy potions on dble XP weekend to get me around 86 herb. I will be slaying to 99 after I get a rapier. I have about 60m cash and I am wondering if I should turn any of those into spec restores and if they have that much of use ? And ill gladly take any other advice about how to raise my herb
  24. Yes i know there are a lot of posts like this but I feel that mine is a little different than others. Im slowly raising my dung level to about 85 and Im starting to think about what rewards I want to get. Eventually I want to be a boss hunter monster and be able to kill almost every boss. Im particularly interested in TD's and Dks (Solo Mage). I will also be going for 99 slay when I get bored of TDs and Dks. So far this is the order im thinking about buying the dung rewards in: Scroll of Life (Currently I farm 1 Torstol and 4 Snaps. Should I switch to all torstols?) Arcane Stream (Am I correct in believing that it will be very useful at Dks and I will also be bursting 94 mage soon at rock lobsters) Chaotic Rapier (Best chaotic weapon for slayer.) Now here is when it gets interesting. Shoulld I get rigour or get another chaotic weapon. And what chaotic weapon would be most useful for all different bosses? (Mostly short term for TDs) CCB vs CLS vs Cmaul
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