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  1. So I was wondering (I've just done Smoking Kills, finally) You get bonus points for the 10th task completed in a row, and bonus points for the 50th task completed in a row, but does the 10th task bonus apply to every "10" tasks you complete, eg: On the 20th task you get a 10 task bonus, on the 30th task you get a 10 task bonus, and the same for 50 tasks, on the 100th tasks would you get a 50 task bonus? Thanks in advance :^_^:
  2. Welcome to hell, you'll probably get alot of unhelpful posts or people flaming you. Sorry for your loss, And I hope you make your money back soon :^_^: :thumbup:
  3. VoidRealm


    Thought this might be of interest to some of you: I also looked on the RSOF Rants section, and it is filled with rants about this update, I agree it's very unfair, as people who have worked hard for their money are getting a slap in the face by those who are literally getting 100m+ easily.
  4. This statement is simply false. Check my post again. (Okay, if you're below 12 year old then it's accidentally true, but still not what I meant.) Agility is the skill I'm planning to get a 99 in right now. Don't you tell me about that. I'm just before 93 now, I trained in the wildy from 47 to 60, I got killed once, I avoided death many more times, and I got over all that. When I did die, I accepted that as a result of me going in with nothing but food, and thus making myself vulnerable. Did you know this sentence is actually pretty damn hard to understand? I'm not native English, but I consider myself pretty smart when it comes to this language. Still, something here doesn't make sense. Okay, so this has a morsel of truth in it - I didn't really insult your intelligence, I just stated you're unable to deal with the fact that PKers exist in the wild. Point is, though, and Crusty (against his intentions, I'm sure) made a valid point here: I've a problem with skillers; specifically those skillers who think they are entitled to special treatment. "Everyone stop fighting, stand in a line, blow the trumpets: I'm going to skill! In the Wilderness!" Just no. Knocking can be used as in "saying things bad against [subject]." and no, CrustyGoblinFoot didn't say that skillers expect first class treatment, he was just stating that it appears/comes as across as you taking a dislike towards skillers. -You also said Which is insulting my intelligence, woodcutting as a skill and those who enjoy woodcutting. You also just contradicted yourself, "It's accidentally true, but still not what I meant" Why didn't you just say it wasn't how you meant it to come across? Instead of saying it's false then contradicting yourself.
  5. Neither is spamming "yeah, those people are jackasses and sad lowlifes", and yet that's what we had to put up with back in the days of Wilderness 1.0. By the way, this isn't a discussion, there is nothing to discuss here. The original poster got killed by a PKer who, unlike him, was either daring enough to risk good gear or was simply skilled enough to kill him. He just deserved it - logging out, getting better gear or bringing food and outsmarting the PKer were all worthwhile options. (One of my friends told me that his favorite way of dealing a PKer in the agility course is to eat, pray, make it to the stairs that lead down to the skeleton and simply go up/down, disorienting the PKer and making it difficult for him to do pretty much anything.) Fact is, the problem of the original poster is that RuneScape actually got somewhat hard for a moment (thus rising to the level of a 12 year olds' game's easy mode), which was simply too complicated a concept for someone whose greatest challenge so far in his RS career was to click on a tree 1000 times in a row. And I'm totally sick of people who go into the Wilderness yet think that unless they are fully armed, someone is a jackass for even thinking about killing them. For the couple hundred thousands of people who do not know, there are several reasons for a PKer to kill an unarmed, none of which involves jackassery: hope for good loot, a bit of excitement (you know, PKers can often experience having to walk around the deep wildy for 20 mins without finding anyone), practicing a combat technique or just hoping to get some easy food in order to avoid having to bank just some of said reasons. All in all, you claim not to want to open a new argument ("I've got this all sorted out now"), then when some moralists come to your defence you immediately come back, reinforced by other people who can actually make a stand for themselves, and proceed to insult people, calling them trolls, spammers, whatnot. And they've done nothing apart from rationally explaining to you why this rant is invalid. WRONG, I stated in an earlier post that the killer (Who was training agility ONLY wielding a DDS) said "Haha, i'm gonna annoy you, k?" and by the way, he didn't kill me, I ran away then switched worlds, and you go so low as to imply that 12 year olds and below cannot cope with the complexity of the game, very stereotypical and big of you, for you information, I'm 15. -And now your knocking a skill that is a goal of mine? Wow, if we all thought like you, the whole of Runescape is clicking on things, well done for working that one out, your knocking a skill that many people enjoy and work hard for to achieve whatever it may be (99, money, 200m exp etc), and another thing, Sy_Accursed has posted many times on my topics with either unhelpful or not very useful posts, Will_H has obviously noticed his unhelpful posts as well. Please, don't come back with this as your argument, knocking 12 year olds, Woodcutting as a skill, and my intelligence doesn't make you seem clever or big. THIS IS THE RANTS FORUM, GET OVER IT.
  6. Thank you so much, I've also been seeing a lot of unhelpful posts or trolling from Sy_Accursed, I was just too polite (or stupid?) to point it out, it creates, like you've stated, a bad/uneasy atmosphere. I also agree with CrustyGoblinFoot: At least that would be adding to the discussion or expanding on my original rant, instead of spamming unhelpful posts. EDIT: I am in no way trying to gang up on Sy_Accursed, but his posts are unhelpful, and I needed to point that out, like Will_H did.
  7. Haven't updated in a while, and may abandon this blog, Nobody seems interested in it (Which is fair enough) and I really don't have the time to update this. Just some leaving news - -70 Prayer achieved -60 Agility achieved -Completed another 10+ quests -Spent 10m+ on skills :blink: Bout it, Sayonara Blogging world, it wasn't meant to be - man, wish I had the enthusiasm I had in my other blogs - http://forum.tip.it/topic/197020-99-firemaking-achieved-6908-9999-d/page__hl__runekidy http://forum.tip.it/topic/230503-runekidys-bloggeh-to-99-fishing-9199-fishing-updatehols/page__st__60__p__3707721__hl__runekidy__fromsearch__1#entry3707721 EDIT: I'm not leaving Runescape or Tip.it though.
  8. This has happened to me, on a previous account, I was joking around with a friend and said - "Right, I'm off nob" Of course I meant to say "Noob" But slipped up, someone who saw it obviously reported me, and I didn't have any come back as it could be seen as me meaning to call him a N** :wall:
  9. I read to about page 2, and just that was pretty funny, the amount of people that didn't fully read/understand the OP :rolleyes: But onto the subject at hand, I also find beggars annoying, but you just have to get on with it, add them to your ignore list, pretend they're not there. - Anything that helps you get past them
  10. RuneScape Name: Simple Storm I need a member of: Black arm gang Quest: Shield of Arrav When I'll be on: Now, up until 9:30PM (GMT) World/Location: Any world, I can hop. How to contact me: PM me ingame. EDIT: Quest complete
  11. What? Were you expecting us to hug you and pity you? That's pretty sad, if anything. Did I say that? I decided I'd wasted my time ranting, when I could be training, I didn't expect any sort of pity, just a little understanding and maybe some tips. Please, don't open another argument, I've sorted this out now <_<
  12. This forum is actually for people who like to rant about ranters. You have entered the realm where all complaints and annoyances are inherently childish and unwarranted, except for theirs. Regardless, you've given sufficient evidence that entitles your ranting: Now, how the users decide to put themselves on an intelligent high horse and make it look like you don't know your own nose from your grandma's elbow is just a matter of grabbing the popcorn, kicking back, and enjoying the show. Although this thread isn't that bad (in relativity to how circus-oriented Rants can get), I can still see the ever-so-helpful posters copy-pasting "It's the WILDERNESS, people will kill you, deal with it", while ignoring the fact that "It's the RANTS forum, people will complain, deal with it." Yes, Thank you, you hit the nail on the head, It's not very helpful people replying with :"It's the WILDERNESS, people will kill you, deal with it" I see this as a pointless post, as it's just reiterating what other's have said, instead of putting in their own opinion, that I may find helpful. -It's also quite patronising how people keep repeating "It's the WILDERNESS, people will kill you, deal with it" as it's not the root of my rant, and as if I don't know this? :thumbdown:
  13. Yeah, Sorry about getting up tight, just annoys me, and I don't think they'd gain any profit from killing me as i'm not skulled, I now have 60 agility and am taking a break, I'll go back for 70, eventually..
  14. Number 1. Did I say I cried because I was killed? Um no. Number 2. You kill people at the agility area to annoy them? Your exactly the type of person I find pathetic Number 3. I wasn't skulled? Number 4. It's "Wilderness." 1. Crying is a term that is often used to refer to complaining. 2. You complain about dying in the wilderness, which is supposed to be dangerous? I find that pathetic. 3. Not being skulled doesn't make you exempt from being attacked by other players. 4. Correcting someone's spelling error really proves your point doesn't it? He SAID he used to KILL everyone that SKULLED at the agility arena, I was pointing out I wasn't skulled, I was trying to help him out my correcting him so he spells it right in the future, and once again you've completely missed my point, I'm complaining about being killed pointlessly (for around 10k gear) I completely understand that in the wilderness Players kill Players, but usually it's for enjoyment or profit of 100k+ - I doubt most pkers considering killing players attempting to train agility with 10k gear enjoyable (I didn't even fight back) and the player said "Lol, I'll annoy you k" I probably should of stated that in my first post, But didn't realise I'd need so much evidence just to rant. WOW EDIT: I apologise, I didn't realise he meant "Crying" as in complaining.
  15. I see, I've wasted my time here, back to the course :rolleyes:
  16. Number 1. Did I say I cried because I was killed? Um no. Number 2. You kill people at the agility area to annoy them? Your exactly the type of person I find pathetic Number 3. I wasn't skulled? Number 4. It's "Wilderness."
  17. Yes, I do understand the concept of the wilderness, but my point is how pathetic it was, that he was trying to PK me with around 10k gear on, It's just an unwanted annoyance. :thumbdown:
  18. So I recently decided to try out the wilderness agility course, looked good and gives great experience, so I got all I needed (Armour, boots of lightness, food and potions) and went off to the agility course, on arrival there was another player training agility wielding a DDP (Dragon dagger poison) I thought nothing of it and carried on training. After 7-8 minutes, he attacked me without saying anything with a special (Even though he could clearly see I had nothing worth over 20k) I asked him why he was doing it but he responded with "Haha, I'm gonna annoy you, k?", he carried on chasing me attempting to kill me, in the end I managed to log out and find a nice quiet world. -But what is the point of this? I've heard about it before but figured that the people that had it happen to them where maybe wearing Rune with a weapon? (Still not worth killing them for) I'm pretty [bleeped] off about this, and in the future will be bringing a DDP in case this happens again. In my opinion, people who do this are pretty pathetic. Glad I got that out of my system :rolleyes:
  19. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it :^_^:
  20. Sorry, there's been so many topics involving bonus experience weekend, but I need some advice, I want to train agility, as it is one of my lowest skills (current level: 43) I plan to get it to at least 50+ - But what agility area should I train at? - I'll also be doing farming runs in-between to get some nice exp for that. Any help is appreciated. :thumbup:
  21. Wow, I didn't notice that, but at least his questions answered now :^_^: Lol i thought it would save space ;) Thanks for help guys. How long does it take a kitten to grow into a cat? 3 hours I think.
  22. Wow, I didn't notice that, but at least his questions answered now :^_^:
  23. Kittens have a very low success rate of catching rats, takes time and patience, Wily cats are the best :thumbup:
  24. Wow, with your stats, are you fighting idiots? If your bored, go find something else to do besides staking, invest in some rares AND skills. Seriously, you could invest ALOT in skills :thumbup:
  25. I've had four of these within a few minutes of each other, wow, they really aren't trying anymore :thumbup:
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