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  1. So I haven't played in a while and was training mage when all of a sudden, I gained a defense level? I need help on how to change it so I can only get mage xp please!
  2. Intro Welcome to a guide on efficient and fast fire runecrafting! Items needed- -20 rings of dueling (or more) -around 5k normal essence (not pure) -ring of kinship (will explain later) -fire tiara -any sort of pickaxe -14 runecrafting or higher -patience! HOW IT WORKS Okay start at the bank in Daemonheim with your inventory looking like this (you can wield pickaxe if you want). You should be wearing you ring of dueling(8). Go to you worn and click the teleport to duel arena option. You should arive at the duel arena, where you will run by the summoning obelisk and then head just to the north east to the ruins. Craft you runes and use your ring of kinship to teleport back to the bank at Daemonheim. Bank the runes and repeat! This is a great method for those who are too low level for the ZMI or just anyone wanting fast xp! Using this method I average about 13k xp an hour! Thanks, please leave your thoughts, comments, or suggestions here! :thumbsup:
  3. I'd say either a stat you really hate! Or... A stat you really love!
  4. dang, really good point. I almost goofed and used pure ess on runes. Thanks for the reminder :smile:
  5. Thank you very much, can't believe I forgot the calcs... facepalm.
  6. Hey I have currently been mining ess nonstop for the past two days and was wondering how many ess were needed to get from level 1-60ish (doesn't have to be exact.) I plan on crafting airs until 14 and then Fires up to probably 44 since I am no match for the abyss and don't plan on raising any combat skills (level 33) Any info you have or have obtained will help. Thanks.
  7. Thank you to everyone voicing their opinions, I'll just stick to mining ess if I wanted decent profit.
  8. I'd say 11k per ore compared to the 900 gp of addy ore is a payoff. And if not, what and where should I mine?
  9. Hey I'm a pure with 85 mining (currently mining by lava maze and world hopping). I was wondering if there was a better place for me to mine. I do not have a lot of quests done and I'm only level 33. I am p2p. Please help! ;)
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