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  1. balance confirmed win mk not allowed too
  2. prety sure its bug because on skill hiscores you always go back where you been and this would be retarded if you would lose rank like this
  3. was suprised too, he said that he was too cheap for pray lol
  4. about time, the sadest part he never got muted for his pms
  5. it's funny how hes not perm banned and still trolling from other ppl in forums, but im not suprised since he used to troll before that in rs3.
  6. it was done just using th cuz if he would do normaly he would have melee xp
  7. nice promo would be for my div but ew -_-
  8. i would like to see zarfots interview tbh idk if its posible tbh :(
  9. So you can leave it to train by itself for 6 hours and it won't kick you after 5 minutes? yup there is so much drama about this lately i think they tried once to polle about thise issue and it failed because majority players in 07 pkers and its huge advantage.
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