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  1. All hail Sir Langer, rank #17 on the Virtual HS because #17 is the new #1 (or #69). Go to Page 478 to understand this lame attempt at a joke.
  2. Teams/keyers that use skype tend to be better anyways. How does the ability to download and use Skype correlate with DG ability? :blink: Its down to the preference of the team (more importantly that of the keyer). I personally don't enjoy Skype floors, alot of usefull info gets drowned out by trival chatter. It may be useful if you have inexperienced people in your team so it is easier to correct mistakes and relay information without wasting time via excessive typing. Some people also have issues with being able to run Skype without experiencing some sort of latency (lagg), myself included.
  3. Now the question is, who is in the front seat? Rebecca Black -'Friday' reference
  4. Kngkyle could potentially shoot up 3 ranks very easily, if Skiller 703 remains 'mostly inactive', he basically has 2 inactive players (alongside Green) above him. Thanks for the update Langer.
  5. Read Obtaurian's third bind guide in the metagame section of the forums, it will most likely answer all of your questions.
  6. better off trying to survive. You'll benefit from pushing yourself, even if it might cost you what minimal damage you would have gained from wrathing. What is the maximum damage wrath can inflict upon a single target? In a 3x3 grid that could be worthy of multiple combat turns, seems worthwhile, especially if you don't care about XP (beyond 120).
  7. May be onto something there lol, last three Eds I've seen have all dropped BNs, first I bound to myself, the 2nd which was dropped in a team containing 3 BN and 2 Hexs binds and of course you know to whom the last one went. :thumbsup:
  8. As important (if not more so than level requirements) is reading and following the guidelines. ;-)
  9. Thanks guys, especially to the people who dung with me regularly, you know who you are. :D Expect to see me sweeping a lot more floors in the future! :wink:
  10. I have seen a fair few just doing normal 5:5 larges, guess you could bind an enpowered fire staff until you get a CCS drop.
  11. Seriously what is your problem? First of all Thai is one of the most active people on this thread, the only posts you come out with seem to be either you riding someones [cabbage] and/or sharing with us all how much you love Zarfot. Sorry to go off topic, but it somewhat ticked me off seeing two such posts in same amount of pages. P.S Whats this 'Zarfot Student' tag in all of your YT uploads about? :blink:
  12. Constant 3 str bonus over glory>2 specs per 5min. Go with fury, DDS does the job. Oh and by the way, grats! :thumbsup:
  13. Here we go the bi-weekly (off topic) discussion of top players' playtimes/lives... :shame: On topic, Telmo is under 2m exp from taking Rank #1 on Rs HS.
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