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  1. Hello everyone. I have a few thoughts about the article. What I found latelly (like a few years ago) about RS is that things are more and more confusing. It's the ring to do extra this, the urns to help you there, the gloves for more xp, the tokens from many minigames or skills (dung ?), etc. When I started in '05 RS was straigthfoward. Was simple and easy. In 2010 (?) dung skill arrived and I "tested" it. But I just found another thing that made little or no sense. Seems like a broken link....how does dung lvl influence the rest of the game if it's, in itself, a world apart ? And how boring really it is because it's done apart the rest of the game ? Jagex mentioned many times the great job in dung graphics. Ok, but where's the game part ? How does it becomes part of puzzle ? Also, RS lives a crashing economy, as prices are everyday lower. Because of free trade ? Perhaps. But certainly because bot's have infested the game in a level never seen before. They know that they are imune to any true retaliation from Jagex. And the "double money" scammers are not bots, are real ppl, and they are all over the game, more and more these days. All of this is a reflection of today's society. The (perhaps) noble spirit that I found in RS when I joined is now just a mirage. A couple of scammers make the game funny. Alot of scammers make the game dangerous. Due to clans update, I have involved myself into a couple of them. I found that real ppl bot - wow (thought bot's were from Mars !!). Because cheating (or getting advantage) is just the way many ppl see life in general. One of them used a bot in one player and then was a member of our clan with another player. Basically he used the money from the first to boost the lvls in the second - things like cook and mage, that he needed to buy items in order to level. One day he said to me: "hey, we only have a 7mn ttl xp difference". To me we don't just have a 7mn xp difference, we have a huge difference as persons, in game and in real life. These are a couple of thoughts to think about when we analyse RS in 2011 - are we heading to a cliff ?
  2. All back. Let's see the size of the damage ! Thanks to Tip.it, we kinda of made a therapy in here....
  3. I donĀ“t have a clue if today's problems are related with bots. But bots are a problem for RS players and therefore for Jagex. The idea that we, real players, could meet one day, at one hour, in one place (diff worlds, of course) as a movement to "force" Jagex to ban botters ... could be something to consider :) Your thoughts are welcome. Ideas can be brilliant. Action would be decisive.
  4. From the RS website Due to an issue with our core infrastructure, the RuneScape game client and certain website features are currently unavailable. We are taking steps to rectify this issue as quickly as possible, and the game and all website features should be back in full working order over the coming hours. Some profile data may have been lost during this time. At the moment we are not planning a roll back. The RuneScape Team
  5. I tested the resource dungeon solution and it worked. Problem solved.
  6. Regarding resource dungeon problem I have got a reply from RS foruns which I copy to here: "Switching to OpenGL will stop this from happening, i guarantee it :) OpenGL is laggier though :| DirectX has blackscreened in there ever since it came out, and Jagex have supposedly been "investigating the issue" the whole time :( " Let's see if it works ! i'll keep you posted.
  7. Seems that the resource dungeon happens to more people. As I mentioned it does only occur in that place. General RS game works fine. I will be checking the RS website again (tech probs) and if anything appears I'll let you know. Otherwise I'll try a report.
  8. selling 4k anchovy pizzas, can have 1k more (its a sell order in GE...) rs: fmj2005
  9. Since 2005 Tip.it has been my bible in terms of RS knowledge. Would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you that keep making an amazing job here. It is a tremendous effort that most of us take for granted. It's not. Thank you very much. Tip.it rocks ! fmj2005
  10. Hi, I have a similar problem. When I am at the resource dungeon in mining guild (the one that has 3 runites....), I often get a black screen that forces me to close that page, therefore I need to reload the game (in fact, I usually have 2 other separators ready to login....). I use W7, Firefox4, a geoforce9300. Before (with same problem) I was on Win XP and a previous Firefox version. I also tried with Chrome. Happens the same. Direct X is on. I do not hop worlds. Usually I stay in one world and wait for runite to show up while I do other things. The situation reported only occurs IN THERE and it happens frequently. Bad english is due to the fact that it is not my mother tongue. Apologies. Any ideas or sugestions are very much welcome. Thank you in advance.
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