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  1. Well it has been a hot minute before I was able to get on the forums after all the downtime, but I'll be posting some updates this afternoon!
  2. Just finished Legends! This should be a big weekend for questing because I'm on fall break for the next few days.
  3. Thank you! and OH MY GOD I can completely agree with the elemental workshop III. JUST WHY. I'll do my best to catch up, and good luck to you as well :thumbsup:
  4. Oh snap I didn't realize you already had your cape :o Nice dude!
  5. let's race. ;) http://forum.tip.it/topic/294742-the-ongoing-tale-of-misfortune/ *cough* best watch out I'm catching up! PS. Lol'd hard at the brony part in your blog.
  6. Dreadnip - sounds way too fierce right naow. Overall though I'm really excited. I don't want to have to wait til the end of the month for it though :\
  7. As of September 2011, Coal/Herbs seems to be the most profitable combination.
  8. I have been switching back and forth between RS and WoW since i was a freshman in highschool (currently a junior in college) and I came back this time with the goal of achieving a quest cape. I started blogging about it on the tip.it forums and I've been having a great time :-D
  9. haha this cracks me up. I usually watch tv shows on netflix (House, Grey's Anatomy) and sometimes ingame I like to go to world 18 and hi-alch next to the black knights fortress overlooking the wildy.
  10. dude, if you won that much money dicing, take it as a sign that you were meant to make this and just roll with it ;). I think zerks are a hell of a lot more fun anyway.
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