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  1. if someone has a 3 1/2+ year old account, they should be able to apply for mod status.. 18+ years old that is.
  2. Seeing as i was hacked and lost blue/red hats and all mask, i love it ^^ EDIT: BTW, the reason jagex will not buy them from you at "street price" is simple... Way to much gold would be pumped into the economy from this action, causing an amazing inflation and people to quit.. Sure a few people would be uber rich from the transaction, but eventually the millions will be spread out in the economy... Thus this ruins the value of gold entirly.
  3. I logged on xero last night and all was gone but an addy pick and one set of iron... I'm not gonna beg tho, just mine up some ess or something. See my time in FFXI tought me how to wait out the hard times.. I camped rare monsters with 2+ hour spawn times and nearly always got them, so a lil mining cant really frustrate me.
  4. Sorry uberdad... Isent it against ToS to be below 13 and play rs *atleast admitting*, also they could prob both be banned some how... Best bet is to get his pass changed and stop being friends with that guy... Sorry i'm not of much help.
  5. I think it'd be great if jagex could devote a team to RSC.. Maybe get a few more Player mods.. I'd love to be a PM, its a shame it wont happen lol.
  6. lol that almost happened to me with WoW, but my RL friends snapped me out of it.
  7. I dont mean for us to change the names.. I mean they allow us to submit a form with 3 or so names that we would like.
  8. The one thing i would have taken from RSC and put in WoW, is the dueling with bets deal... It was SOOO fun to bet for hours at a time... I wish RSC wasent ruined or i would deff go members on it. Maybe one day jagex will find a way to stop all the autoers.
  9. So did you just roll a new char, or have the name changed?
  10. I love the character, it has stats that i worked for and i made it a LONG time ago... I was thinking of revisiting the RS world for a lil while, but i just cant walk around with a DBZ name ever again... Has anyone ever had a name change on RS?
  11. Being that i've played WoW, FFXI, PSO, RS and several other "fantasy" games. I can say that, they all have their own uniqueness... Yes it is one large archetype, but that is to be expected from everything in life.
  12. I dont hardly play RS anymore, but when i started i was just a kid myself... I'm 19 now and i like to check on the progress of this game.. So far i've watched a decline, back before members was released the game was very fun and the community was pretty nice... I hopped on the members train right away and spent many days dueling in lumby, one memory that stays, is when i won about 8 sets of rune in one day and lost it all the next.
  13. I remember the days when you dident need 40 to wield rune and whatnot... I also remember rune BA being like 1 mill ><, good days imo.. The game is flooded with hackers and jerks now..
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