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  1. If you range your blues at the Ogre enclave (or whatever it's called, where the Ogre Shamans are) you can range them, have just enough time to pick up your arrows and the next will respawn. Great safe spots and usually not crowded. If you have access to range pots, bring some, otherwise blues can be slow going at first. A range pot will give you 10 range levels (takes mine from 62 to 72) and makes a huge difference in how efficient I can range them. Best of luck. I'm working on the same goal as you 60 to 70 range. I do get slowed down quite a bit because I bank all the dragon bones (to ecto) and hides (for crafting), but it's a fast dueling ring to the cw bank and walk back.
  2. I've had decent luck going to a free world to the Hill Giant area mentioned above, killing Hill Giants and trading their bones for limps. Between those dropped on the ground and players trading them because they can't use them, you can get a full inventory pretty quick. sometimes in just a few minutes if it's busy.
  3. There are 3 moss giants on Crandor island (up the rope from the Dragon Slayer quest area) and there are usually not many people, if any, there. If you switch worlds a couple times, you'll find you have them to yourself. It's both f2p and p2p. If you are a member and have done the proper quests (Ghosts ahoy and something else... can't remember) then you should ecto any big bones you get. When you ecto them you get 4 times the prayer xp. This also works great for baby dragon bones, and normal dragon bones! Best of luck!
  4. You can also make runecrafting tiaras. Get yourself a bunch of tiaras (make from silver) and pick up all the talismans you can find. Most people leave them on the ground, especially in the Hill Giant area of the Edgeville Dungeon. It's a nice way to augment your runecrafting traiing because the XP is a lot higher, and breaks up the monotony of runecrafting. Hope this helps a bit.
  5. I did this quest in the low 70s and it wasn't too bad. The best advice I can give is bring a few energy pots, since running it key to beating the boss. Keep run on and you'll get to hit a lot faster after he teleports and maybe get two hits in instead of one. You want to hit as hard as you can when you get the chance, so use a hard hitting weapon. I used a dragon long and activated the special before running over to hit. You'll also notice that he teleports to the same 4 locations, so when he turns to ghost form, take note of the direction he's going in and run to the spot where you know he will appear. Don't worry about the flying tools... just stay away from the animated crane and the mining cart. They hit HARD and the carts will plow you over for multiple hits before you can run out of the way. Don't panic. bring lots of food, and the energy potions are key to keeping your run up. Give it a shot, and I'm sure you'll be ok. I'm not sure if items like holy symbols weaken him since he's a vampire. Maybe someone else can chime in on that one.
  6. Herbs are a little different from other plants in that you don't have to water them, and you can't pay any farmers to watch them for you, nor can you "protect" them using flowers. Unless you want to stand there the whole time, or constantly check on them, use super compost, as was suggested. You make super compost the same way you make regular compost, only instead of putting weeds into the compost bin, you need to put in better stuff like 15 bananas, watermelons pineapples, etc. Also, the farming xp you get from making and using super compost is double that of regular compost. Best of luck growing your herbs!
  7. Excellent post Hugh. You've hit the nail on the head. People seem to feel they are entitled to so much in life. Usually those people are kids, and mostly because of the way they are brought up. The message out there these days is you should have whatever you want, without working for it, and if someone has something you want, you should go take it from them. This mindset does nothing to prepare people for real life, and is not a good thing. As for Jagex, I've only been a member for a short time, but even in my free days I've submitted bugs and gotten real people responding to me. As a member I've gotten real-person feedback many times. Customer service is a terrible job. You are the target for the caller's frustrations. Why would Jagex purposefully do the things that so many ranting posters claim? I read them and thing along the lines of the Jerry Springer show... you watch it and sincerely hope that they are not serious in their thoughts or actions. Why would a company ban customers (and lose the money) just to spite people? That makes no business sense. I've seen it first hand with younger family members who play. They were complaining to me about getting "hacked" and "scammed" and how the game isn't fair, but when the truth came out, they told someone their password, of tried to download a macro, or tried scamming someone themselves. I tend to believe that Jagex will do their best to respond to intelligently written questions and concerns. If the messages and/or calls they get are anything like some of the rant posts on tip.it, then how can one expect them to treat them seriously?
  8. I've read a lot of posts talking about autoers, but experienced it firsthand for the first time this morning. I was in world 86 in the Varrock East back. I watched in facination as a whole line of default characters formed a steady line from the bank to the ess teleport location and back. It was non-stop. I can only estimate that there were 10-15 of them. All the same, all low level (3-5) and all with doofy names. I tried reporting as many as I could for macroing, but I started getting "don't abuse the reporting system" messages. Perhaps the best way to handle this would be to get a couple JAGEX mods to just stand outside the banks in free worlds at a couple peak times and give them the ability to ban these autoers on the spot. Or, as was suggested, add muggers and the like around those places. It will make life harder on true low level characters, but at least they can run. Another possibility is to close the doors to the bank and have people enter there pin to open the doors. I'm sure some could code around that, but it would deter most. Or require a bank pin, and have to enter a random pattern each time you access the bank (like some online stores have to foil bots).
  9. Don't ban it... it really helps identify who's truly a noob. By definition, those who call someone that name ARE one themselves. When I walk into a room and someone says "noob" for some reason, I'll usually dash around a bit saying "where?" then stop right in from of them, say "Ah, there!" and use the laugh emote. They usually shut up after that. Most of the time I'll just ignore. Depends on the mood.
  10. You officially stop being a noob when you stop calling other players noobs.
  11. Went to two drop parties... got a bronze wood cutting axe and an uncut saphire at one, and a steel battleaxe and 1 coal ore at the second. Don't everyone envy me at once... :D
  12. Hmm, I'd check out the wild to see what it all looked like, then send an email to this forum opening it up to everyone. All the people who are nice, are annoying, high and low level, compete for kills/ores with, chat with, ignore, etc are all what makes RS an interesting and fascinating game to play. Having no one around would be fun for maybe, 30 minutes. Not to mention the Shield of Arrav quest would be pretty tricky... :D
  13. Definitely Crandor right now. The moss giants have ok drops, and I can last a couple days on a load of lobsters, unless I get adventerous (for me) and kill some lessers. Either way, when I run out of food I just go through the secret door into the Karamja volcano and back up to fish/cook more lobsters. I'll tele back to Varrock when I'm full of drops.
  14. I tend to get everytihng for myself... "live off the land" as they say. As I was training higher level monsters, I had to buy a couple lobsters here and there and it annoyed me, so I just worked on fishing until I was able to fish them for myself, and raised cooking at the same time for the same reason. Since I get my own materials for myself, and tend only to get when I need at the time (not to sell) I don't have much money in the bank. So, buying materials or bones, etc isn't really an option. The only exception to this is armour and weapons. Being f2p, I didn't think it was practical to get my smithing and mining up to get rune ore.
  15. Thanks everyone. I got a lot of good feedback here. I'm not giving him rune armour for a replacement. I've mentioned to him a number of times that things his frields were doing on RS were wrong, but it wasn't sinking in. I think he gets that now (he's my nephew BTW, not my brother :) ) Given his (and his friends) age, I know they are going to do doofy things. Now, if he stole something other then pixels, we'd have a different story, but I think this one is going to go in the "Lessons Learned" pile. I'll point him to tip.it one more time and leave it at that. Thanks again for all the input.
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