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  1. I would never wear a runescape T-shirt at school. The WOW-fanboys would kill me :D .
  2. krikke321: P2P Cool idea :thumbsup:
  3. Nice article. To be honest I've quit because of the updates but I am still very glad that jagex stroke the RWT very hard. Too bad it stroke me to.
  4. 1) Oblivion 2) FFX 3) tales of eternia (PSP) 4) morrowind 5) pokemon blue (not sure if this is an RPG)
  5. Wow all the trouble special for improving tip.it guides? respect dude. good luck :)
  6. Didn't play that much because of my examens (which are now over). wc 96 :D ty 8-)
  7. You can have an opinion about anything, even if it's wrong. Actualy in this case, I can. See the word "beauty" in the definition? Not everyone finds the same things beautifull. Yes for him it's music, but not for me. Suppose some sick psycho dude tortures people and records the sounds they make because he likes it. For him it is music, would it be music for you? I don't like rap music, doesn't that make sence to you? That's your opinion and I can't do anything about your opinion.
  8. No need to insult me here, you could expres your thoughts on another way. Anyway your first sentence got me thinking (DEFINITION IS NOT AN OPINION). According to the Van Dale (best and biggest dictionnairy in my language) the definition of music is: As you noticed I don't like rap, so I don't like that sound. Which means, accoring to the definition of Van Dale, rap isn't music for me.
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