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    IB will be out before that. A lot of rumors are saying april 22 or 23, but it will be before july/august.
  2. I strongly recommend you follow this guide. http://www.overclock.net/t/1156654/seans-windows-7-install-optimization-guide-for-ssds-hdds/0_50
  3. Google ddwrt, see if your model is able of having it flashed. If it is then you will have QoS and so many more features. If you are able to flash ddwrt on that router then do it. If not then I suggest getting one you can like the linksys wrt54gl.
  4. I'm buying grimy ranarr for 2.5k each and 350 each for snape. Not buying any less then 100 of either or. Leave your ingame and how many you have.
  5. I was listen to this on my police scanner this morning. There were no names release over the scanner sucks to find out who it is.
  6. Well as far as a movie Sphere. Tv show Battlestar Galactica.
  7. Google these to find the apk's RockPlayer arcMedia VPlayer yxPlayer
  8. If it needs to be done for the better good then do it. If it is used to get information that isn't for the better good of saving lifes then it is unacceptable.
  9. RuneScape Name: Aefx I need a member of: Black Arm Gang Quest: Heroes When I'll be on: 6pm-10pmest World/Location: 121 How to contact me: here or ingame
  10. The OS isn't the issue. I get 24ms average on both XP and 7. Might wanna kill some process that you aren't using. For more help start->run-> type msconfig. Then once that opens take a look under the startup tab.
  11. I the playboy she was on the cover of signed by her. I blank[/u ]the playboy she was on the cover signed by her ? You're missing a collection a verbs where that blank is. Without it, your post holds multiple equally ambiguous meanings. Have, hate, love, whack off to, don't like, etcetera. Jeff, the first photo you posted, she looks like a dude with long hair. In the second photo she's looking fiiiine. Oh, guys, BTW, who do you think are the hottest celebrities/models over 35 ? Fixed. Happy Nazi?
  12. I have the playboy that she was on the cover of, also signed by her.
  13. i have one account that has been waiting 2 weeks, and still waiting then another account i lost when i was keylogged years an years ago, i recovered it to find out it was banned while it was in control of the person who keylogged me. tried to appeal it and it was denied even tho i was not the one who got it banned in the first place the account that was stolen was recovered and appealed in less then 2 hours it all really depends
  14. the best way to go about doing kbd is taking a friend and have them block for you dont bother using prayer since it drain prayer on just about every time you get attacked, and you could have more food if you dont worry about prayer
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