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  1. I used this thread on the official forums --> Heroes & Arrav Partner thread
  2. Well, the game essentially has the same feel. The combat system had a major over-haul though. As Arceus mentioned, check out the combat academy in Lumbrigde, north of the castle. Another major update is bonds. They are items which can be brought for cash irl and sold on the ge for around 14m. You can convert them into :- Runecoins - currency for cosmetics, or pets.Treasure hunter keys - Micro-gambling introduced by Jagex, you get two keys a day if you're p2p. or 1 key/day if f2p; the keys can be used to open treasure chests which give skilling or cosmetic rewards.14 days of membership As far as regular barrows is concerned, it's pretty much dead-content and not a very good money-maker. Its higher level counter-part, Rise of the Six, is one of the best moneymakers in the game. Clues are amazing if you get lucky with dyes which can sell for hundreds of millions of gp. Slayer is still a very good money-making skill. Farming is also very good for gp, check out the guide on yt by fatnooblet. Divination is a new afk-skill, very much like fishing. The money won't blow your socks off, but adds up. ;p The new elite skill, Invention (which needs 80 crafting, smithing, and divination to start) may revitalize the skill. Having a decent dung level is always good, you get nice rewards like charming imp, prayer renewing necklaces, gem bag, and chaotics (especially the staff) which are good for slayer and some PvM. The game can be overwhelming at first, but you'll get used to it. ;o
  3. Just have 30 of them. :( Hmm, vis wax it is then lol... Would appreciate any help doe. [EDIT]: Ok just found out I was trying to build a mahogany kitchen table, not a mahogany dining table. xD
  4. But the challenge explicitly states that it is flatpacks which must be built. I built a Mahogany table at the dining room hotspot, it didn't count towards the task. Also, flatpacks can only be made at the workbench right? Thanks for the advice though. :)
  5. I just built a steel framed workbench with 6 oak planks and 4 steel bars though. :?:
  6. I got a challenge to build 120 mahogany table flatpacks. I have a steel framed workbench and have 53 construction. When I click on construct kitchen tables, I cannot see an option to build mahogany tables even though I have 6 mahogany planks in my inventory. What should I do? Also, what be the best way to construct 120 mahogany table flatpacks, economically speaking? Do all methods cost the same? Edit: - RESOVLED
  7. Thanks. :) Found a top hat, decent I guess. I was expecting a 3rd age piece after all the trouble though. :P
  8. Okay! It turns out that I equipped my fire staff, not battle staff. Thanks a ton for the help, Ketchup, Paul and Dash. :) I took out the double agent with my 282 prayer points and battle staff. XD Was the toughest fight ever for me. lol
  9. I just got a hard scroll drop by killing blue dragons, it's my first but I am stuck at a particular stage. This thing says me to do this - I tried doing this in this location; The guy's not showing up. I tried everything, logged out, removed all my gear and put it back on again, nothing is happening. This shit is annoying. :P
  10. The Black Keys - She's Long Gone. I really love this band and their use of bass on their songs.
  11. So, Noel Gallagher, the ex-lead guitarist of a really popular English band called Oasis has released his first album titled 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' on 17th of this month to postitive reviews and encouraging chart performance. Lets take a look at some of the songs - Alone On The Rope So, what do you guys think about this guy and the album?
  12. I actually did a lotta stuff without stage fear in my life. But I like really ****ed up there today. Maybe I was overconfident, I actually didn't prepare or take any material with me.
  13. I went for the selection today evening but my heart is still pounding like crazy. I tried everything, Listened to Muse, Metallica and even Justin Bieber just for the heck of it. Went for a walk outside and it rained. Stuff is making me sad, its 12:30 AM(IST) and I am still not able to frickin sleep. :'(
  14. ............... ....................... ........................... I dont even
  15. Today, selections for the English debate were taking place at my school. I went to the selection room with my material and sat at the chair being confident that I will be selected. When my turn came, I just frikin froze, said something f****ed up, and just said that I can't say anything then. My heart is still beating at a rapid pace and I feel sad that I let down my English teacher and I got embarrassed in front of my seniors. Has this ever happened to you? Leave the responses here. :)
  16. Innadi


    lol I heard that if you plank in your school, you might get suspended. :P
  17. Innadi


    lol Finding it hard to believe that this crazy thread is still around. Love ya! :P I think the planking craze has decreased drastically over the days. Planking is now dead!
  18. Innadi


    I just thought this might be a funny and interesting topic to discuss. If anyone hasn't heard of this it is just someone lying down, face down, on the most unusual surface you can think of. You lie there going as stiff as you can, sort of impersonating a wooden plank. There has been a death from this so far, a man trying to plank on the edge of his 7th story balcony. Your thoughts?
  19. I don't know a thing, I posted this thread in the general discussion and they moved it here. :o
  20. Okay man, question answered. Any other help accepted. :thumbsup:
  21. Whoa! Cool down guys, I am not satisfied, why would someone kill them for Medium scrolls, there are other monsters which are easier to kill. And I don't see any Gnome Killing bot, this is a conspiracy!
  22. I'm not watching him consecutively, I only see him while meeting the king and taking the short cut to the barbie course.
  23. Killing Gnomes consecutively for three days for scrolls is sick I'm telling you.
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