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  1. You are nowhere near but imo abyssal demons are a definite block now. They are slow exp and whips are now below 1mil. Iron/steel dragons are done for their effigy drops. Also, you can cannon steel at ghorrock, north west corner. You could cannon iron at the southeast corner but they are very scattered so its probably easier to do irons in kuradel's dungeon.
  2. Are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure the surgeboxes outside dungeoneering can store inf amount of ammo. The only reason surgebox inside dungeoneering have a 125 limit was because that's the ammo limit for a bind.
  3. Fire giant may have been left off the list because they are horrible charm droppers. And I noted some of the recent changes to slayer tasks' exp in my previous post.
  4. I really wouldn't do red chins for hunter now. There are bots and they weren't very good exp/h to begin with. For herblore habitat, I would check out the guide in aow. It has many different methods of jadinko hunting, pick the one you like the most. If you want money, once you reach 77/80 hunter, you could try grenwall. I get 500-600 spikes per fruit bat pouch at lvl 80. If none of those tickle your fancy, you could always do red sallys. They are closer together then black sallys and they are caught quicker so they are actually faster exp. I would test jadinko's at your level, if you find them too slow, do red sallys to lvl 80 and do jadinkos from there.
  5. No tipit has a tendency to replace jagex forum links with [please use quickcode] so I had to go back and paste the quickcodes.
  6. People also surived to level 138 with a whip and didn't know the benefits of a chaotic. As far as I am aware, ardy cape is one of the only capes with an offensive bonus. Other being fire cape with +4 str but I doubt you will get that anytime soon.
  7. Dex

    Degrade times?

    From personal experience battlerobes seem closer to 6-8 hours. I have used chaotic shield at dks where I am pretty much in constant combat. It degraded roughly 12% in an hour.
  8. Runescape forum: 98-99-600-61329204 P20,7th Post for slayer data on kuradel's assignment frequency. P10, second to last post on a rough idea of each slayer task exp/h. Somethings are slightly outdated. Greater demons can be very fast exp if you decide to cannon them in forinthry dungeon. Blue dragon are gonna be slightly lower exp due to the fact bots can now bot dungeoneering. Black demons are also slower exp due to bots. Runescape forum: 154-155-864-61975974 Page 2, 2nd post for slayer cancel/block list based on whether you want pure exp or effigies.
  9. Dex

    Effigy Skills

    1. last time i checked broad arrows were 6gp/exp 2. logs to use depends on your income although atm yew is only like 1.6gp/exp. Fm yew is 200+exp per hour so I don't really think horn is worth it. From what I understand, fm in ge is fastest although it is alot of work (you start from the bank and light backwards). What I use is also pretty fast but alot less work. I fm from lunar bank. Go north 1 step when I hit the house and moonclan tele when I hit the fence and by the time I use my logs I end up right outside the bank. A note on crafting, you might want to consider gem cutting. Sapphire is 7gp/exp and from what I been told the exp rate is very very high.
  10. You go down the well in the middle of polli city. Go down the long narrow passage and take the first red barrier on your right when you enter a big room. go down the stairs and you will be at abberent specs.
  11. How often would you otherwise be potting and what potions would you use? Extremes every 3 min which extremes?(def and ranged boost from ovl is usually useful, too) This is just for slayer so ext atk and str
  12. How often would you otherwise be potting and what potions would you use? Extremes every 3 min
  13. I feel like hijacking but you wouldn't happen to know the cash per hour to use ovls on non-boss creatures(that is assuming no loots).
  14. Probably barrows even though dks is my favourite boss simply because I won't be able to do constant trips for dks. My brain would frazzle from the constant attention and constant equipment switching etc. Barrows requires much lower concentration so it would be something I can nolife.
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