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  1. I did, but the backed up version was out of date by a few days and I had been spamming clues at the time, so I said sod it.
  2. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I'm still alive and kicking my clue goal. Have a tab update :) [spoiler=Large Pics]
  3. I'm not dead! I just prefer posting to twitter these days as its quicker to share pictures there. Plus, my hard drive died a while ago and I lost my original counter because of that, so I'm going off the in game ones now. But here, have a loot tab for your trouble!
  4. I don't really care all that much about the tracker at this point. I've had some people try to tell me I need to restart my goal with it being out, its not going to happen. Also, only missing 19 items now:
  5. ITS BEEN SO LONG SINCE I GOT A NEW ITEM AND I JUST GOT ANOTHER?! Now I'm only missing 20 items!
  6. Woop a new clue item :) Now got a complete set of briefcases!
  7. Welp photobucket has gone money hungry, so rip some of the pics on my blog. I still have em, but I'm not going to pay $399.99 per year just so you guys can see them. I might re-upload them elsewhere at some point, but thats a lot of stuff to go through. Anyways, LOOK NEW ITEM OMG
  8. So Jason has challenged me. In order to prove that he's a noob and I'm the best, I need to get my HCIM into prif. If I do that without dying, I get to pick out a t shirt from the rooster teeth store and he will buy it for me. If I die, I have to make a post here and a post on fb telling everyone how awesome he is...and I have to keepsake and wear a strength amulet t. So here are the current stats of my HCIM: Wish me luck!
  9. Honestly, I won't regret it :D It is what it is at the end of the day, and I do it because its fun. It was never really about making a load of money, thats just kinda happened.
  10. I have to say, I didn't expect it to become so valuable!
  11. Goal is to collect all items ba the 3a and dyes and cape things, and once I have everything to sell it all at once to see how much I make. So no selling for me yet :)
  12. Decided to post an update of my clue loot tab, so that you can all drool over it, and it has been a while since I posted an update! It is not being sold just yet though. [spoiler=Loot tab, big images]
  13. Blog Update: Tab Update - Its been a while! Mainly because I'm lazy and real life has been hectic, I've not done as many clues as I could have been doing. But because its been so long since I updated my loot tab, and I know it will make everyone super jelly, I AM GOING TO UPDATE IT MUAHAHAHAAHA Enjoy my lootations :)
  14. Decided that I'm no longer going to post double loot clues because I spam up the pages here with those. Unless I get something amazing from one, anyway. I'll still post triple loots/more than triple loots if I ever manage to get another one. Also, for the curious, here is a list of the items I'm missing for the goal: EASY Studded body (t) Black platelegs (h1) Black full helm (h5) Blue elegant blouse Green elegant shirt Green elegant legs Off-hand suitcase MED Wizard boots Sheep mask Cat mask Wolf mask Briefcase HARD Guthix plateskirt Gilded full helm Gilded platebody Gilded plateskirt Gilded platelegs ELITE Guthix bow Black dragon mask Bronze dragon mask Iron dragon mask Mithril dragon mask If I manage to get all of those items bar the full set of gilded, I'll call it quits on my tab and just put the disclaimer in. Also, in regard to the new clue stuff coming out, I don't know if I will go for the items in it the same way I've done so with my other items, I may just record the items with a ss and then sell them or try and keep one of each item. Idk yet.
  15. Thats not on purpose, I just have the sets together in alphabetical order. Never noticed it made a weird pattern!
  16. Blog Update: Clue Scroll Spam and DXP Sorry for not post as much yet again, after April things should be much more peaceful. For now, though, I'm just playing here and there. I did manage to get 81 Invention over DXP, though, which is awesome. I've also learned how to augment weapons now, so I'll be training it a little more than what I used to, at least. I hope all of you had lots of gains over DXP too! :)
  17. Blog Update: More clue lootations! Not a lot to say, I just have a load of nooby images for you all of clue loots again. Enjoy!
  18. I don't think I could beat that if I tried, its rarer than 3a!
  19. A lot of people mix us up, dw :P That dudes an ironman as well, and has had so many rare clue scroll items. Think he's had more dyes/better dyes than me! Gotta say as well, the gilded pieces are the bane of my life. I got them semi close together, but to get a double...urgh. Its frustrating. If I get all other items bar the gilded, I'll call my tab complete. Its not an uber rare item, which is why I left it in, but I've just not gotten lucky with it.
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