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  1. bump (a) just got 77 hunter, hoping to get 80 today :)
  2. add me in game and ill give you the logs :) nice goals, and levels, VERY nice for a f2p
  3. well done zuper <3 i doubt you can remember me... i have a new account :') dimmeh x
  4. Welcome! first of all, thanks for looking... :thumbup: To start off my current goals are; 99's in Fishing, Range, Hunter and Cooking :thumbsup: Current levels- 98/99 Fishing I got 80 a long time ago, recently i have used the heavy rod power fishing technique, and intend on getting 99 in the next few days... UPDATE-Just got 98 :D 90/99 Range I got most of this from Aviansies and am undecided on how to get 99, either range guild or Aviansies (suggestions?!) 72/99 Hunter I got this using chins, falcons, sallys. The same as everybody else pretty much, chin my way to 99. 81/99 Cooking This was from fishing and cooking my own monks for combat a while ago, i reckon ill cook lobs/rocktails for 99 A few other levels I would like to achieve are- 70+ in all skills 94 Mage (eventually) 85 Slayer (doing odd tasks here and there, sometimes having days off skilling to slay) 80 Summoning (Charms from slayer) Will update, levels, clues, drops ect. weekly (unless i'm really excited) Latest Level 98 Fishing!! Thanks for reading, any advice or anything, just post :D
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