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  1. Bullseye is definitely a unique keyer. And DGS floors are admittedly not up to the quality of floors that you'll find bullseye and turner nic in. According to Toad, bullseye claims and has demonstrated the ability to predict when wings will dead end. Toad thinks this is because he has some secret knowledge of how floors generate themselves, and is able to predict based on that. That is possible, but determining that would be a fairly challenging feat without knowing how the game is coded. The other possibility is that bullseye uses embedding to hack a floor map prior at the start of each floor. Regardless, he refuses to explain how he does this, even though he claims the ability to do so. Also, that's a floor 15. DGS might research the possibility of being able to read floors in the future. Cheesy's doing guide mode research right now for other purposes. But I'm not exactly fond of going on a wild goose chase to end up finding out that some guy is just cheating or something. I've personally DG'd with him for around 10 floors and I don't think it's a coincidence he knows exactly when to move the GT. Normally you'd have someone hold for the next GD/move right away and let a free gate get the door, but even during a GD that could conceivably have 10+ doors behind it he knows it'll DE. <_< As for the 18 minutes is the best possible average statement, that's completely false. Even with the possibility of GD spam, one way ghosts etc., there's almost always a way to keep the time below 18.
  2. Not sure how that could have been improved without another hex and everyone being maxed lol. I wouldn't be too down on your keying, were pretty smooth dungeons. :thumbup:
  3. I sort of forget the figures, but "1gp" worth of LSP is worth about 3 coins...but that's if you have the time to cash it in. Also, you lose 10% of your LSP/day, so luck is still a big factor.
  4. Start with condoms and lots of lube, I assume. But I don't have 107 DG, so I don't know. D: -Have hexers on range eye while it's active -Have CSBers on mage eye while it's active -If missing a bit of both, melee with CRUSH -Ignore the melee eye unless you have 4-5 hexes, then you'd get the melee eye -You can dodge a bit of damage by getting away from the blops that the eyes shoot -Ragers help because when the eyes are down the boss has low defense, so the specials can actually do quite a bit of damage -On the boss itself when the eyes are down it's debatable whether slash/crush is best
  5. Same, I haven't even seen a gazer in 45m xp. Didn't u get 1 but lost in bind crash If you're who I think you are, I was referring to a friend I used to do every floor with. I'm not even 98 ranged lol. (Not that I couldn't get it in 2-3 days.)
  6. I said I would stop, but this topic definitely has the best dungeoneering discussions. However, saying 3BO is all "ragey gits" is a pretty bold statement. :mellow:
  7. Okay, I'm done. That 33 was Blood Neck and Zaaptastic.
  8. For people who are looking to maximize effiency, I'm not sure why you guys want this conversation to end. I'm too tired to go into complete depth of anything right now, but here's a few things: -If you only have 20~ people with 3 binds, why is there such a big focus on an offensive 3rd bind? You've said yourself that it only really shines with multiples. -Another thing you guys have forgotten is time spent gathering a team, and how long your rows are. Spending 2-5 minutes on a team for 1-2 floors is ridiculous in comparison to 1 minute for 5+ floors that *might* be slightly slower, but will make up the time for the # of floors+speed getting team. Not to mention defensive binds only have to save you a death 1/4 of the time to make up for lost DPS. -Passive aggressively saying that we're ignorant of your methods goes both ways. -You're mistaking 3BO with people that use the 3BO world. I've done 4 floors in DGS atm, all with ranked keyers - here are the times: 25 26 30 33 (this was with two silver+ AND was an abandoned) You guys claim to be masters of clearing GDs, but I've yet to actually see this. I've seen people with staffs, I haven't seen people use them on the correct monsters or with any reaction time. Oh and Kuppeli, I recognize your RSN, not sure what the floor/floors we did were like though. As for cooking, I'm willing to use 15 seconds of the team's time to stay at 5 deaths instead of 7 lol. Remember, you're always just 1/5 of the team when it's time for the boss so that 15 seconds is really just 2-3 seconds lost on the actual map time.
  9. what's your rsn?

  10. I'm not defending 3BO either, 90% of it is complete [cabbage]. But the other 10% are the ones I get on my friends list that: flash soul split and turmoil, make melees, have hhb/bn, listen 100%, hit monsters as they go by to doors etc. etc. And the comparison is probably quite close considering the 3 or so floors I've done with DGS have all been keyed by a keyer rank, with people they're familiar with.
  11. Well I'm 117 dungeoneering, BN/P2H/Hood/T10 zerker if any keyer ranks are interested ins showing me a 16-19 minute average. I'm not doubting or trying to bash you guys, but I'd like to see these claims in effect. As for the staff, it's going to increase your DPS without a doubt, but you are going to die more so unless your staff makes the dungeon 3%~ faster you're wasting XP, which again is hard to see considering the only rooms you won't be doing at max speed with p2h turmoil flashing are mercs, high level black drags and black demons, and mage only works affectively on one of those. Edit: to clear this up I've never used a plate, and I plan on primal gauntlets as my 4th bind, because I suicide key most of my floors to keep it fun.
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