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  1. @nomrom, and I thought I was the only one who found Nancy hot
  2. CuDi

    crystal saw

    If you lose or destroy the saw, you can get it back by talking to Brimstail in his cave.
  3. Would it be worth it to plant tortstol in just the Trollheim patch while continuing to plant snapdragon in the other patches? I currently am working towards jujus but currently do not have them. I have magic secs and use super comp obviously and my farming level is 87. Currently I am planting snapdragon in all patches.
  4. Very jealous of all those effigies -_- On another note; I'm taking a vacation to Iceland in about 2 weeks and will mainly be spending most my time around the southern and eastern regions. Any suggestions for attractions and activities that I should do?
  5. Quit helping nubs out and get back to smithing so you can update us every .1 hours ;)
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