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  1. This might be an odd question, but how do "new" players get these two quests done? Can someone who has already finished the quests help someone who hasn't? The reason I'm asking is that I simply don't see any low-level players (apart from myself) that aren't Ironmen accounts and I'd really like to get both of these quests out of the way, Incidentally, can Ironmen actually complete these quests?
  2. Thank you very much, I still have to unlock Elf city and Trollheim patch, but in the meantime those routes should work.
  3. I remember reading here on the forums a really good Farming Guide that had an excellent herb farming route, but I haven't been able find it again; does anyone has a link to said guide or a route otherwise?
  4. To be honest the only reason I'm using melee is that it is my highest combat skill, I was planning on leveling mage next (since it is far easier), but I suppose I could train ranged instead, while doing the occasional sinkhole/dungeon to spice things up. Speaking of dungeons, any tips on the hunting ferret room? I can't seem to get the hang of that room at all.
  5. Right now I have a Zephyrium 2h sword and arrows (can't remember which ones though) as my binds.
  6. I really need to practiced dungeoneering then since I just did a small dungeon in 25 minutes (though on my defence I wasn't 100% focused on the dungeon). And I never paid much attention to sinkholes, I haven't done one ever.
  7. I was suggested here that the best thing I could do to prepare myself for bossing/high level PVM is to get to 85 dungeoneering to unlock both Chaotic weapons and frost dragons. My question is, what is the best way to do so? I really don't do much dungeoneering, but when I do I tend to do solo-floors all the time, that is what has gotten me to my current level (37), but I feel that isn't the best way to do things.
  8. I've done Giant Mole before; I think it is boring and the drops aren't exciting enough to really tempt me In all honestly the more I think ig through the mire apparent it is that I am not ready for bossing yet, I havent even unlocked RFD gloves yet!
  9. :uhh: :? As you can see my stats are really low (hence why I dubbed it a mid to long term project)
  10. Question is in the title really, I want to start doing some "serious" pvm and I'd like to know which would be the best Boss to start (I know about the practice mode). Right now my stats and gear aren't really up to the challenge, but I need a goal to strive for, so this would most likely a mid to long term project.
  11. well, I managed to kill the first one without much trouble, got 2 sara brews and a half + babydragon bones for my troubles Edit: 2nd one done, got 10 sharks
  12. I guessed that.... freaking Death :grumble:. Ok, I think a blue d'hide set, level 50 heartseeker c'bow+addy bolt, 8 prayer pots and an inventory+bull ant worth of pizzas should be enough.
  13. So yesterday I got Killing the Giant Mole as a daily challenge, and being completely naive I thought that since I have low combat level (78) Death would assign me the Mole, yeah.... nope. As the title says I have to kill the Chaos Elemental, and I have absolutely no idea how to do so, I don't know what to take, the wiki isn't really helpful since even the lowest leveled gear is above of what I can use. Right now I don't really care about efficiency or even getting more than one kill per trip, I just want to be able to do my task (2 kills). Stats are 73 Attack, 52 Strength, 51 def, 61 Con, 44 Prayer, 47 Range, 56 Magic and 36 Summoning.
  14. First of all thanks Arceus; gold Smithing looks like a decent option, though I'd need to grind out 4 magic levels for the quest, which can be done through superheat item, netting me a head start, sounds tempting, but I'd need to add the cost of nature runes to it. Artisan workshop is semi-AFK, which is a big plus, but yeah it is slow. Citadel needs a clan, which is a problem as I am not in a clan :P.
  15. I recently got a Kalphite slayer task, and since I hadn't visited the exiled kalphite colony, I decided to do so; the Exiled Kalphites are actually quite fun, and apparently converting the chitin to scraps is semi-profitable (or at least that's what the wiki had lead me to believe) so I'd really want to be able to get the necessary level ASAP, only 160k exp. Shouldn't be too hard, right? So what would be the quickest way to 60 from 51?
  16. I got a a couple def levels since I wrote the OP and I'm now at 48 def, though I've been using elite black armour
  17. I don't think that would be great idea, I mean using a cannon would take 5 inventory spaces. I'm still hoping to get suggestions for armour though.
  18. So, what kind of gear should I get given my stats? I was thinking of getting Void, but I'm not sure if that would be the best option and I'll admit that grinding the commendation point's isnĀ“t that appealing.
  19. I know it won't be efficient right now, but a couple of trips every now and then would help to break monotony and if I get an armour piece, awesome, if not well they are fun. And that would be around 14-ish I guess? Multiple trips aren't really a problem, unless you mean banking between brothers. I suppose grinding another magic level to get Snare might be a good idea then? And couldn't I melee Karil just fine?
  20. As the title says, what are the bare minimums (in stats and gear) that I should have if I wanted to go to Barrows? My Current stats are Atk 63, Str 48, Def 45, range 45, Mage 49, pray 44, summon 32, constitution 54. Thanks in advance.
  21. I remember there was a quest whose farming reward pretty much got you to level 30 or so from 0 exp, does anyone knows which quest it is or if I'm just hallucinating? Edit: To avoid posting a new thread, I read in the wiki that it is more efficient to get Summoning to 30 without making pouches (using lamps, Troll Invasion and the like), is that true and if so, what is the best way to get said experience?
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