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  1. I saw the hills have eyes today and to say the least this movie sucked the big one. I heard heard lots of good things... heard it was the scariest movie in a while. It really isent, however graphic, i did not get startled or jump once. Nor was i at any tension or suspensfull state at any time during the movie. All very predicatble and i called everything that was going to happen and i mean everything. I also saw accepted was a pretty good movie overall.... has the best ending to a movie i have ever seen... for those whove seen it you should know what im talking about. The only thing i dident like about it is how really fake it is... yes i know lots of movie are really fake in their plot line but this one just bugged me :P.
  2. Where the heck do you work thats alot of money :shock:
  3. I ordered Iron maiden - The x factor a while back Just got it in yesterday :D Waiting for iron maiden - virtual xi to come in i ordered it around the same time so should be soon Other cds i bought: Pearl jam - Ten Lynyrd Skynyrd - 30th anniversery The Allman Brothers band - Greatest hits Dragonfroce - Inhuman rampage Jeff Beck - The best of Beck Silvertide - Show and Tell Rise Against - Siren Song of the Counter Culture Waiting for the New iron maiden cd to come out A Matter of Life and Death :D 4 more days hehe
  4. O dear i missed a good couple :D
  5. There is to many greatest american artists of all time :( lol Could it be bob dylon? jimi hendrix... pearl jam Aerosmith i think we need a hint :(
  6. Some may disagree wheather or not some of these bands are metal or not.. but they are metal/Hard rock bands :D. Led zepppppelin Black sabbith AC/DC Iron maiden Judas priest Van Halen Metallica (again pre load and re-load because they stink) :D Kiss Motorhead Deep purple The who Jimmi hendrix Ted nugant Ozzy (Diary of a madman Blizzard of oz the better ones) Blue oyster cult Steppinwolf Slayer Newish to newer Pantera Guns 'n' roses Joe satriani Steve vai Yngwie malmsteen(not sure if thats how you spell it to lazy to look) Megadeath Dragonforce Silvertide Avenged sevenfold Arch enemy Children of bodom Lamb of god Do i have to continue? :D
  7. Stevie ray vaughans version of voodoo child... soooo good Dance of death - iron maiden its what got me into iron maiden now i own pretty much all of their studio cds :D
  8. Dragonforce - soldiesr of a wastland off of sonic firestorm :D
  9. Woot i agree :P hes amazing... and ya not enough credit :( more people should pick up some stevie. :P
  10. Stairway solo rocks everything of course... but ya for greatest song... hmmmmm id have to go with when the levee breaks... i just love that song... but ya im not a huge zeppelin fan myself :D
  11. fade to black is awosme :D other than that testify - stevie ray vaughan floods - pantera wraith child - iron maiden iron maiden - iron maiden
  12. o ok... i dont get on forums to often :(
  13. Stevie ray vaughan - tin pan alley eric clapton - layla eric clapton - bad love eric clapton - tears in heaven pantera - planet cravan (dont now why... but i like it :P) Guns n' roses - november rain iron maiden - run to the hills led zepplin - stairway to heaven all along the watchtower - jimmi hendrix's version freebird - lynad skynar for the love of god - steve vai one - metallica stevie ray vaughan - lenny some are just awsome songs :P... more to come maybe ;)
  14. John bonum from led zepplin and the drummer from slipknot hes pretty good not sure his name lol... gotta say never been a fan of the drums :(
  15. apperenitly no one like guitar anymore :(
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