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  1. i guess it's a fake where you just made a high hit in 5 minutes with paint* and you are saying it sucks because of paint, but i can't see it because theres a nice red cross. * almost all fakers use paint :oops:
  2. if you are using photoshop, use fontsize 17 instead of 19 or something what people say on rhq, that's just for paint.
  3. And people tell me I don't have a sense of humor. Hey now. I didn't find it funny either, and my sense of humour's great. ;D stealing is illegal so dont steal the words right out of my mouth 8)
  4. i can see one major flaw, if that little stack of cash is 80 m im ronald mcdonald
  5. only thing i can say for now is clean up your lines, looks good otherwise. :)
  6. im sorry, but tip.it's main language is english. nice fake
  7. rofl i just made this before you posted cause i thought you were right :P
  8. they look awesome, but cartoonish. That's not negative. 1 tip though, dont use blue on drag weps
  9. it is called "pixeling" because you "pixel". this means color and draw pixel by pixel. Not brushing, not actually drawing with your mouse. even though a tip.it sig contains 45.000 pixels, you should do it one at a time. and i agree on all the 8 year old stuff.
  10. i got into drawing when um i think it was in 1st grade(1st grade is when you are 4 years old in holland) and everyone was drawing like these ugly stick characters and for some reason i drew a boxin' kangaroo and my teacher was all like "wowiwoeiaw roflzepmg23!#$omg13$!" so i thought that was cool so i continued :) rofl and ive been into pixeling since errr....3-4 months? :oops:
  11. thnx jab i think i didnt really create a definite lightsource so the shading is like on the edges and normal dark spots or something :? anyway thanks for pointing that out
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