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  1. I need to read up more on coinshare apparently. And what is the 26 k trick? Coinshare/lootshare doesn't work in pvp. The 26k trick involves you killing a friend losing at least 25k wealth. Since the game will make up drops for you, you can get good loot that way. Ah ok....I don't suppose Jagex has considered making coinshare work for clans? Seems it would be a handy feature. As for the 26 k trick, sounds nice, but I suppose it is an exploit huh? Can they ban you for that?
  2. I need to read up more on coinshare apparently. And what is the 26 k trick?
  3. I have been away from RS for some time. Since then of course the end to real world trading has drastically changed the game. It used to be that a pk team could split loot after a kill. But now with trade restrictions that is impossible. Is there any coinshare equivalent for pkers? Or do folks just pk more for fun and hope for an occasional item? I don't mind that but some of my friends who are new to pking probably do. How have clans dealt with this new reality? It is also a pain that I can't give free rune suits to my friend to get them to try pking! argh...
  4. I have been gone for quite some time, and am just coming back now that the bh worlds look like a viable pk opportunity. But one of the changes that seem to effect clans too is the trade restrictions. It used to be if I was taking folks pking for the first time I could just give them a couple rune sets and then they had not risk. Now they have to fund their own rune and when they inevitably die right away they don't want to risk anymore. Also, with the new trade restrictions, is it even possible to loot share from pk trips? Seems like just the one who hits most on a team would get any loot ,whereas before we used to just divide up the spoils on some teams. Is there any kind of loot share feature for teams? Official clan support could help that a lot. I don't mind pking just for the fun, but for quite a few that doesn't seem all that great.
  5. Stats: Att: 88 Def: 86 Str: 93 Hits: 92 Ranging: 91 Prayer: 85 Magic: 71 Summoning: 1 My p2p and f2p levels are the same. Tend to be on late USA times. What I am looking for: I currently have members but am looking for a group to do F2p pking only. I am not interested in fun events, frilly costumes etc. I just want to pk. I would like a group that uses either Ventrilo (preferred) or teamspeak.
  6. Such as what monsters to train on for decent xp.
  7. Easy enough, I already have rune, berserker helms and longswords I am already familiar with. Any advice on initial monsters?
  8. I am wanting to get members to train strength. I have almost NO member items anymore as I ditched them some time ago when playing free (needed the inventory space). I have about 1.3 mil set aside to buy some very basic training equipment. I am not interested in buying weapons at a premium as I don't plan to pk in members. So I am willing to forgo the best and settle for second tier at a reasonable price. I have extremely limited knowledge of RS and especially members for the last few years. So please don't use abbreviations that I wouldn't know! My main goal is to go from 91 str to 99 strength so I can enjoy pking more in free eventually. Here are my current stats: Attack 88 Defence 86 Strength 91 Hitpoints 91 Ranged 91 Prayer 58 Magic 71 Agility 56 Thieving 51 Slayer 55 Summoning 0 So with that scenario in mind I have a few questions. a. What armor and weapons should I buy that would be within my very limited budget and still allow me to train half-way decently? b. What monsters are good for training that don't require doing a bunch of new quests to get to? I wouldn't mind some decent drops, but great drops are not necessary. Ideally breaking even on food would be nice. c. Any other random advice. Thanks!
  9. I will at times use hulu or fancast while playing the game. They are just archived tv epiodes. The hulu player especially can scale to sit right next to the rs window so thta you don't have to take your eyes off the game much.
  10. Thanks for the help. So the no arm thing...are they usually to the death or do folks just wind up running anyway?
  11. Alright...so I came back after two years and I am wondering about some phrases... no arm...they want a no armor fight? What are the terms of such a fight? How long does it last? etc. pj.....first thought was pajamas, but it seems to mean player jacking? safer...I assume that is someone who won't no arm? max......not sure on this one ... others?
  12. If the goal is to stop RWT then why have targets and penalties for killing at random? It would seem that allowing anyone to attack and kill would make it more dangerous and lead to less rwt. And perhaps they should have only ONE crater entrance on one specialized world server but that entrance would automatically recognize your combat level and put you in a crater with those closest to your combat level that are playing at that time. This would be an alternative to the current system that only has pre-programmed ranges. Then those who are not at the top of their crater food chain would have a chance. As it is we have whole ranges of levels that have no chance at all and won't want to play.
  13. It looks like you still get a plus two strength bonus from the berserker shield after it is at zero level. So it doesn't do much as a shield at that level, but it might be good for a couple extra strength bonus if you are training.
  14. I like the new expandable window, but the chat window is bugging me, It has tiny text and no background just a semi-transparent overlay, so it is hard to read.
  15. yeah lvl 103 would have a defense of around 75? flesh crawler 1 or 2 the 104 I was against was a bit unusual...90 def. Still the xp is not that far below.. but it is certainly not high enough to warrant the hassle.
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