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  1. They finished Aegis test a few days ago if I recalled, and it was banned. I do agree with you on Mawile-M's status for test. Sure, it hits like a bullet train but it can be stopped in its tracks. However, given how the other 5 suspect tests went, Mawilite is probably going to get it anyway. Then again, it is hard to tell given the suspect thread is quickly turning into a steaming shitstorm. And Erika, Vezon would easily kick my ass.
  2. Razor-sharp [bleep], yo. Best thing to come with Mega Evolution, hands down.
  3. I wasn't talking about Gengar-M, Vezon. I was talking about the OU suspect with Mawile-M in the sticky on their OU Competitive Discussion section of their forums. Unsurprisingly, the thread is turning into something that makes me want to eat popcorn in spite of the fact it gets stuck in my teeth easily.
  4. Will be able to get it tomorrow. Also, Smogon is suspect testing my favorite Mega design-wise and use-wise. Oddly, I am not too shocked.
  5. I usually don't preorder games but I might do it with Alpha Sapphire since I realized the games come out the week before Black Friday, which means I cannot casually wait a week unlike before.
  6. I keep forgetting you two [bleep]buddies love YTP to death.
  7. Tracking the package for something I ordered and it said it was currently on transit to my home via post office today. Guess what wasn't in the mail? Something being shipped from a state next to mine shouldn't be taking this [bleep]ing long.
  8. I have a strict data plan but I will have to manage with watching online if I must. Seriously, Nickelodeon needs to realize they're wasting a series.
  9. Blame Friday night death slot syndrome. Also, good news everyone! http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/07/24/nickelodeon-pulls-upcoming-legend-of-korra-episodeshttp://www.nickandmore.com/2014/07/23/nickelodeon-pulls-five-legend-of-korra-premieres/ [bleep]ing network needs to stop creator petting over Spongbob.
  10. I get the feeling you will have a max cape before I start caring about Scape again.
  11. People still see the vyrewatch clothes as fashionable?
  12. More like orbits the line. So, should we start scheduling a CAH session?
  13. Something about getting ill on an airplane. Honestly, now we will remember it for how our skype conversation is filled with just as much odd context as our CAH plays.
  14. That moment when your tablet's batteries die out while drawing something. Finding replacements wasn't hard, but getting interrupted like that just ruined the momentum I was building up making that thing. Talk of chicken is making me hungry... I guess a few pizza bagels shouldn't take much effort.
  15. https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAAYUKlc95Mxzw Credit to Alg to finding this.
  16. ^ That came out a little wrong, no? We totally need to schedule another ISE CAH session as well.
  17. Zaaps wasn't on at all. We'd invite him immediately if he posted.
  18. Oh, Zaaps posted. So much for my plan on trying to surpass his count int he thread.
  19. It's Scape. I am surprised they never released a purple-and-green octopus with an ass-shaped head and possessed vines for tentacles that fire ice, water, and wind magic from them.
  20. Dem skittes robes. Also, grats on getting the sceptre of the gods.
  21. Ordered something that won't be here until the 8th-26th next month. [bleep]ing imports.
  22. That comment would have been waaay better if you said Torkoal instead of turtle.
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