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  1. >Hatches shiny froakie while waiting for my copy of AS to come. Great IVs too. >Ability is Torrent. And I thought Algae's rng luck blew...
  2. We needed a lock of hair for our upcoming Satanic ritual, in fact.
  3. It still amazes me this blog has yet to be locked since it's 1% scape and 99% shitpost/gifs/fetish indulging/etc My main scape regret was forgetting to wear my fav p2p crap before losing membs... and blowing 9 years.
  4. Sucks the final movie wasn't on Netflix given it was the finale to the series. It is kinda eerie almost every kid in the series is implied to have bad parents or screwed up ones.
  5. Did you watch the movie as well? I cannot stand rewatching the show because 1) Didn't age well and 2) Watching those [wagon] kids (hi, Jimmy and Sarah, go [bleep] yourselves) get away with their bullshit.
  6. But aren't you a moderator...?Some people just like to maintain their pure-ity.
  7. My tablet doesn't even offer so much as a warning to me when battery power is low, causing it to die on me when I least expect it.
  8. Hi. Posting because the other forum I use is down. Didn't bother voting this year.
  9. Been awhile since I logged here, but got the Triples, Doubles, and Rotations trophy in the Maison while waiting for OR/AS. Cbb playing Y so I can snag up the final trophy. Sucks est date for me to get AS is nov 26 at earliest. We can safely discuss the demo datamine here?
  10. I want some pancakes but can't flip worth a damn...
  11. As of this post, 199 posts behind Zaaps here. Since Vezon's other acc is banned and Greens is a no show, I might have a decent shot at overthrowing. *smirk*
  12. Ever dabbled in archery? I only got to do it once or twice, but I liked it even if my aim sucked.
  13. Kirschen


    Long live the queen? Oh god, you're back! Celebration! You vanished out of nowhere, LTK. Granted, I did not notice you were gone until yesterday, but welcome back!
  14. I did try firing one before. Rifle recoil in face is not fun.
  15. or maybe tranquilizer gun. For an American, I suck at gun knowledge. Not that I care.
  16. I mistook the rope for bread at one point. I guess I have ways to go on texture. I think I just enjoy messy style. Also gotta kiss my good internet goodbye soon. Not like I will miss Wi-Fi battles much. EDIT: Decided to name my above piece "Raggedy Angsty". EDIT2: I hate finding shit too weird even by standards on Tumblr:
  17. [spoiler=Was speedpainting when I realized GIMP had an ink tool for caligraphy] You can tell it's artsy because of how much bullshit angst fills its lines~. Wait, they finally got around to finishing the Plague series? Was the city any good looking?
  18. I have a lot of respect for someone to take a Pachirisu to the finals in VGC and come out a winner, especially given it basically gave a middle finger to Mega Kangaskhan and video game complacency as a whole. It was beautiful. Shame everyone is copying it now.
  19. GIMP would have been ten timers more fun to use if not for its awkward user interface: Need some new renders to play with. :c
  20. Infant immortality rule. I have more respect for Kai now, but there is no doubt Tenzin had the whole show action-wise (and Granda Yin comedy-wise). Zaheer can claim to be a fanatic for Air Nomad culture all he wants but he failed to give a real airbending master so much of a fight on account of failing to land one single blow.
  21. On the upside, at least the message didn't end with "Like this if you love our lord or savior or else you aren't Christian". I swear those kinds of messages were one of the top three things that made me delete my account. [bleep] that site.
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