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  1. Back again! Going to be more of the usual. Current goals are: Strength of Ourgs title Seismics Getting into Raids and some group bosses Maxing Couple of drops from yesterday: Managed to do a 240% enrage kill, would like to reach 300% by the end of the year :twisted:
  2. [bleep]ING FINALLY YOU PIECE OF BLAM!, EIGHT LEGGED FREAK!!! Only took me 292 to complete my first bloody leg :x Getting close to that title!
  3. This. Those OSRS stats are awesome, good job :thumbsup:
  4. So I've inevitably (ty Google for the spelling) relapsed again and set myself a new big goal of 120 Smithing by 2019 as well as a small side goal of the 'Strength of Ourgs' title. You can also expect a bit of Rax and and some Limbs. This wouldn't be a Rohan blog without limbs. Here's some of the stuffs I've been up to in the past week: With regards to Araxxor I've killed the many limbed freak 270 times and only got 2 leg pieces, a fang (at the time worth 10m) and an Orb which is still collecting dust in my bank. I need the Path 3 piece but it's currently paths 1/3 sooooooo I think I'm gonna focus on Graardor for now.
  5. Been in Scotland recently and haven't had much chance to play. Got two quests done though!
  6. Gratz on the War priest, not the funnest set to get :wall:
  7. Congratz on the baby! Good luck with maxing, looks like your pretty close :thumbsup:
  8. Been doing quests and a little bit of Div training. Plan to do some Dungeoneering for the Scrolls and Charming Imp once I've done a load of low level quests. Also done Rune Mysteries, Sheep Shearer and The Blood Pact.
  9. Welcome to my Blog! I have an old blog on here some to do with my main however I fancied trying Iron man out. I guess the long term goal is to max however I doubt I'll reach that, I get side tracked a lot playing this game :oops: Current Stats 05/02/2017: Current Bank 05/02/2017: I will log any quests I complete and any levels in this blog and I will also update the front page every Sunday to show my Current stats and Best of Bank. Now the question is can I complete Cooks Assistant and keep my Hardcore status :-k
  10. I used to make money in 2004 F2P by picking up raw tuna, lobbys and swordfish at the Karamja fishing platform and then selling them to Gerrant in Port Sarim. Thought it was a fitting place to get 99 :)
  11. Finally! Also got the K'ril pet but pc crashed before I saved the screenie :( Currently going for 2000 rep with Sliske, wanna try the new hybrid armour at TDs.
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