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  1. Releasing an item that is stronger than a previously existing item is in no way the same as revamping an (in EoCs case several) item. In the first case, the item that you bought still retains the same functionality although there are perhaps better alternatives. In the second case, the item that you previously bought may now be entirely useless. Case in point: Dragon Dagger. It was essentially the first pvp spec weapon, and although it was supplanted by AGS and Claws, it still remained very useful for a low cost, decently powerful spec weapon. At the start of EoC several items which were previously bis or near bis (Neitiznot, Dragon Defender) were made entirely useless and items that had niche uses were removed. Jagex have also ensured the continued survivability of old bosses to forestall new content (Ascension bows, relegating ports armours to being tank class).
  2. Unless there's one for Mah, I'd assume that's all of them. Fwiw, the Jas one is white, Ful is red, the ice one is a light blue, and the earth one is a dark brown. This also lends some plausibility to Dramen being related to an elder god.
  3. [hide] Zaros didn't tell him to kill Guthix, but he was willing to do anything to return. He's of the opinion that Zaros has used him as the scapegoat for Guthix's death. Looks like we just need Jas'. Desert is likely.[/hide]
  4. [hide]http://imgur.com/amCasek Going to see if I can find Jas, nature (Dramen?) and the ice energy) [/hide]
  5. [hide]25k experience and decreased environmental damage[/hide]
  6. Got all of the memoriam crystals. Anyone have a strat for the 4 nihils for comp? [hide]It appears Zaros has an innate ability to control others through devotion, whereas Seren has an innate ability to inspire adoration Additionally, it looks like the Elder Hall on Freneskae contains hints as to the nature of the remaining 2 Elder gods. There exists a light brown sandy corner, and a fiery lava corner, embodying Jas and Ful. The remaining two are an earthy nature corner and a frigid ice corner.[/hide]
  7. Can someone explain why everyone is prioritizing crew for this region. Assuming you have level 10 crew (which I assume most people do), the new crew aren't equal to them until level 7 and will only pass them at 8. Most likely, not all of your crewmembers (possibly seldom) will hit 8 by the time you hit the shield and start replacing them with endgame crew. Or am I totally overestimating the time to hit 8/underestimating the time to hit Shield?
  8. The multiplication at ports rounds down at every step. I kinda did some extensive research on it about a year ago. Which leaves me to wonder, will FoTS be the first to be applied, or Terracota Merchants? Because it's the difference between: [base * 1.1] * 1.33 = [50*1.1]*1.33=55*1.33=73 [base * 1.33] * 1.1 = [50*1.33]*1.1=66*1.1=72 I was under the impression it was [base]+[base*.1]+[base*.33]. That is to say that the multipliers are independent of one another and are only applied to the base. which is 50+5+16=71
  9. http://imgur.com/mBzDsoL Hopefully it's successful. Edit: Failed:(
  10. Sent my penultimate trio today. Assuming things go well, I should have a tradable cape and (if I decide not to make a personal one) a tradable ring in a day or so.
  11. It shouldn't be too much of an issue considering we'll be spending at least a month in the loop, and with no buildings to upgrade, we'd run out of things to spend terracotta on quickly.
  12. There seems to be a Ports bug popping up. http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/1vrm6i/bugplayer_owned_ports/
  13. 3 kills each of Hati and Skoll and not getting the boots/gloves. Got 207k divination experience though. Might just come back later.
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