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  1. With the release of Climate gate 2 e-mails, I have to question rather or not the governments view on climate change and rather it was propaganda to to help achieve a per-determine political agenda. I do like the ideal of cleaning up the environment and keeping it free of trash, garbage and pollution mainly because of health concerns, not because of global warming or climate change. However I don't like the ideal of punishing people for littering, as long they don't damage private property. I do believe in private property rights and that those who do trash private property belonging to somebody else should get punish, at less with criminal trespassing. But throwing a person into jail for simple dropping a candy bar wrapper into the street, no I don't like the ideal of that, because the candy bar wrapper could very easily be pick up and put into the trash by some body else. I really don't understand how C02 can be evil and destroy the world. Since plants use C02 to breath and they in turn produce Oxygen that we humans, as well all animals on earth use to breath! With out C02, they be no green plants, no green plants to Oxygen, well less Oxygen since most Oxygen come from algae, but still I you think you get the ideal what I am talking about..
  2. There are lots of online games were players can play poker and pool. Even Fun Orb as a pool game. It's not like they are playing for real money.
  3. Why don't they add Poker tables or Pool halls to Runescape and let players play poker and pool? Or just simply let players stake each other in Burthorpe Games Room like they can do at the duel arena.
  4. I think maybe Jagex should make a new membership status, and have Free to play, members, and the new such as Gold members. Gold members get these new vanity items, new areas in the game, new gold member quests, and only way to get Gold membership is to buy game cards...
  5. Good news! I like Aernascape.
  6. I play Arenascape, and notice that it now say's "coming soon, another domain hosted by SuperbHosting .net". I wonder, is Arenascape going to be keep around or it is no longer available to play?
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