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  1. True, it makes herblore in dungeoneering a lot less useful, didn't think that one through.
  2. You may have answered your own question. The reason that these are expensive is that they are hard to obtain since they have a low drop rate from monsters that people rarely kill. But then why weren't they such a high price like a year ago and years before that? I don't expect there to be a huge rise in demand for these. The prices of the other mystic pieces are pretty stable to my surprise.
  3. As there is no point in training skill after 99 except for ranks (not including dung ofc), I've come up with a little idea that at least gives it some use. Well, who doesnt hate 'pot doors' in dung, or it's less xp, or it slows you down, right? Well what if the xp after 99 gives you the level it would be without a level cap in dung? For example if you have 24m smith xp, you would have 105 smithing, being able to open smith doors without having to pot. I know this only covers levels 100-109/110 but it's a start Let me know what you think.
  4. I suggest Slayer, as the money you make of drops can (completely?) cover the cost of the shards and 2nds If you really want to focus on only getting the charms I suggest killing waterfiends or bursting rock lobsters if you want some nice magic xp. You could also skip all tasks except for: Abyssal demons (crimsons) Black demons (crimsons) Black dragons (KBD for crimsons, skip otherwise) Dark beasts (blues) Dust devils (crimsons) Ganodermic creatures (runts only (crimsons), skip otherwise) Gargoyles (blues) Greater demons (crimsons) Nechryaels (crimsons) Skeletal wyverns (crimsons) Waterfiends (crimsons)
  5. What? Would anyone mind explaining? Are they being merched? Or is there suddenly a huge demand for them? 'Normal' blue ones are still around the 10k price where they've been for ages (no wonder as you can buy them in a store) I ended up killing over 500 rockslugs for a pair of gloves (which didn't take that long, as they die with one blow), but with no result. Haven't tried infernal mages for boots or desert lizards yet though? Anybody got information on these?
  6. It's going to be the horse riding-sailing-barbecue-transformation-superskill You transform barbecues into other things while riding your horse on your ship.
  7. If Dapledo starts playing again soon, he'll be able to get in the top 15 within a few weeks of die hard dungeoneering. He has more xp than number1boss but misses the 120 dung. Would love to see him in the top 15
  8. It is not "good" exp/gp. It's at 26gp/xp. That's a significant loss. You must mean exp/hr...or at least I hope you do. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdDY1Q1F6eHNWT3JYLThHZC1hVVU0SEE#gid=0 Superheating is cheaper by miles and miles but it's exp rates are low. thanks :P
  9. Just joined forums Playing since january 2005, with breaks of a few months every now and then I'm 15 irl
  10. Hi, I'm thinking about getting 85 smithing with mithril platebodies. Has anyone here ever done this and do you know whether they sell afterwards in the g.e.? thx
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