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  1. ADVERTISER: Which company is advertising on behalf of the bad ad? MMOSAVOR LANDING URL: Copy the full ad URL (right click the link and select copy link location) http://www.mmosavor.com/runescape/RSIndex.aspx?vcads=mmosavor.RS&gclid=COjAh5LTua4CFZFR7Aod6gteww TYPE: Top Banner OR Side Banner Side Banner SITE: What is the name of the site/product being advertised? RS Gold MY LOCATION: Which country do you live in? Honduras REASON: What is wrong with the advertisement? Selling RS GOLD
  2. Well people, this is the thing, I go to G.E, sell my stuff, and I watch people saying "Selling membership".Got 2 questions about this,Should I report them?In which option should I report them? please help me I am learning :-|
  3. I support, why? here are the why's 1.You can see people if they are in combat, obviously they don't want to get interumped. 2.You can see if they are AFK, so we aren't going to send a PM to someone that isn't viewing it. 3.You can see if they are bots, so you can report them. :thumbsup:
  4. Welcome, first I would thank you for reading this.Okey let's start, Elite Dragons is a new clan,to join you have to follow some rules and requeriments, those rules and requeriments are here: Rules: Don't scamm. Don't use bots. ->Kicked Don't offend another clan member. ->Kicked Don't use spamm. kicked temporary Don't change the cape unless the owner let you. -> low rank Requeriments: Must speak spanish Must be lvl 20+ Thanks for your time, hope you like it! \:D/
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