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  1. All signs point towards Elves being better. Assuming you only pickpocket them on VoS their xp is comparable to traders off aura (330k with all applicable bonuses barring bxp), offer 1.3-1.6m gp/hr (will likely be more with batch 2) and offer MANY brawlers on the course to 200m thieve. Some brawlers are extremely good, especially due to a few of them currently offering very exploitable mechanics. The only arguments that can be made in favor of traders are that on aura they can be around 480k thieving with exo/ T5 FFD and they offer a way to finish most of fletching, though that last part isn't much of an issue if going for (true) trim.
  2. Hold space bar and click on a range every 1.2 seconds, thank me later.
  3. Sucks that ba was nerfed, hopefully that will be fixed in time for the new, supposedly better hardmode...
  4. I'd agree with that assessment GVD, they managed to get access to an email I use for another acc and for whatever reason Jagex believed they were me and gave them access to the acc/allowed them to change the registered email, I have seen no evidence they got onto my computer thus far but yeah just let it be a fair warning so it doesn't happen to others. These guys seem to be able to exploit the acc recovery system, make sure two-step is enabled for your email, but that doesn't seem to be enough on its own.
  5. I checked my logs for teamviewer and logmein, neither has been accessed in weeks, additionally the account was accessed from another ip as the interface was reverted to default. Can you tell me how you know this? Please pm me to avoid derailing this thread further.
  6. My recovery questions were/are completely made up and not written down anywhere. My JAG was still enabled when I got my account back (sans wealth.) I have absolutely no idea how said hacker(s) were able to recover it without those systems stopping them/tripping some alarm. I'm not too upset about losing bank (I can make it back should Jagex choose not to return it,) I'm just bothered that this can happen.
  7. I have bxp to 200m for all skills not named wc/farming c: I'd be in good shape if not for an increasingly busy irl schedule... The real question is how elf city will impact time to 200m all... @Licert, my only bxp not to come from minigames was/is divination and I think that was between 4.3 and 4.5b I didn't pay much attention.
  8. 18 skills (3 from melee) reduces time to max substantially post August
  9. 63-70k is achievable with buying energies at the t8 colony. I do not buy energies.
  10. I was unaware you could use skoll boot's or pendants at fpf, as the only time I touch agility is when I have those. Also when I made the video in question I had never done barb advanced nor watched any videos on it (I got 99 agi at ape atoll in 2008) so I was unaware of clicking before the handhold etc. now during my daily challenges I usually do about 20-22 perfect laps (of 24). I'm not pretending I don't hate rc pre runespan (basically training agility with slower exp) or agility now as I find both to be horrible skills, what I'm saying is it is a GOOD thing to avoid these. Also I think in terms of overall efficiency yes, though you've misquoted me I just said if there isn't a better method of agility by the time it is my last skill I will buy 6-10k worth of spins and i stand by that, as it would take me many fewer hrs to work for the $ than to do it all at fpf at 107k/hr. I never said I couldn't handle it as I certainly could, it would just be silly to waste hours of life for the same outcome. Additionally with the current pace jagex is going with updates (to trim/skills/etc.) I will be well over 100m agility from dailies etc by the time I finish all my skills anyway, so a few more D&D's and I may never have to train the skill at all, wouldn't that be great. There's a reason I will have trim/5.4b with less playtime than any of the top 5 have currently (possibly Jdela excluded) and that is because I don't limit my options with frivolous pedantry or idealism.
  11. Bad comparison because Suomi did slow stuff first and was perfectly ready and capable to do conventional runecrafting until effigies and runespan came into the picture. Top Overall players today would refuse to ever train rc prior to those updates. A much better comparison is Phoenix Odin vs Dragonseance. I had 60m Rc prior to runespan and was perfect ready to get 200m through effigies and attributable exp, as is the best methodology for the slowest skill. Just as I have 69m agility atm and will continue dumping xp on it until it ceases to be the slowest skill. As to if the wait is worth it, that is a silly question, as long as you have other things to do that Jagex has less of a proclivity towards updating, it's most certainly worth waiting as long as it takes. It's not neccesarily about how fast a skill is now per se, but rather how likely it is to get faster in the foreseeable future. For that reason it is silly to train agi atm (if 5B is your goal.)
  12. Haven't had the time, last year of uni & such. Will make some when I can, excited to make one for D&D's.
  13. There is not one iota of care in me for something as insignificant as individual skill ranks. I said Hunter will be my next 200m and it will be. Also no exp was wasted at soul wars. Getting full hybrid is part of finishing RuneScape; not doing soulwars before 200m all combat would be the real xp waste. On a side note, are only Jake and I doing warbands daily? I would think several other front pagers would be interested... P.S. I do leave 500k for incidental exp, such as warbands beams and statues.
  14. It has changed to 3[camps]/day at any time. Isn't it funny how the most game changing updates go past with not but a whimper and ppl [bleep] about the most insignificant changes? warbands is 200m farm cons herb & mine/smith in about 7 years, for free, at 1.4m exp (minimum) per hour. Legit for people who love dailies like myself, but I don't see how it hasn't merited more discussion.
  15. Thanks, best to aim high :wink: Had never played a full year really so now I know my limits, goal 1.2 for 2013 8-)
  16. According to the wiki they give 3% bonus exp to anybody in the same world as it, and 6% to anyone in there area, so they will have quite an impact to say the least (assuming this info is correct).
  17. Ok, i was never disputing your #s, the fact that it's 68% compared to the 70/75% I thought it was just makes the aura more valuable, which is the reason for me saying it should be a 4/5 compared to COTS which is largely useless for efficient players.
  18. You obviously have no idea about what you are talking about. Here's the data collected by myself while I was going to 200m Thieving XP. Room 7: Data points 2685 Total hits 1828 Total Miss 857 Accuracy 0.6808 Error 0.0176 Lower Bound 0.6632 Upper Bound 0.6985 Room 8: Data points 2929 Total hits 2020 Total Miss 909 Accuracy 0.6897 Error 0.0168 Lower Bound 0.6729 Upper Bound 0.7064 Room 7 and 8 together: Data points 5614 Total hits 3848 Total Miss 1766 Accuracy 0.685429283933025 Error 0.012146756911791 Lower Bound 0.673282527021234 Upper Bound 0.697576040844815 Please just sit back next time. I was going by the numbers you pmed me months ago. "it seems as though success rate goes up by 5% going backwards from room 8" that is how I remember you telling me. Either way the lower % the better to prove my point, thanks.
  19. Worth it is relative. If you will be training that skill it is better to have it than not. That is why when rating something it should be judged on it's own merit. pp room 8 is 70% and room 7 75%, so increasing that by 10% (less failed urns may help you get in an extra half a run every time you use it), lets not even get into the increase in xp rates at dwarf traders should you choose to do those, and draconics could see an increase of 20-30k an hr. Juxtapose this with call of the sea which is effectively worthless if you c2 fish (same with lbj) and i would say they are easily deserving of a 4/5. Though I couldn't have worded your second paragraph better. OT: I hope there is a siphoning aura someday for rc sigh...
  20. Didn't the numbers on this end of falling through. I at least was not getting anywhere close to the numbers he was coming up with for fishing. Some of the numbers, most notably fishing, were slighter higher than actual, this could be due to a myriad of reasons, first and foremost banking times etc. However the utility of the auras is spot on and Grimy's spreadsheet confirms this, however i would bump FFD and tracker up to 4/5. Since I have many auras now I would simplify your choices to this, if you are going to c2 skill (wc/fish) get FFD or tracker right after JOAT, if not get LBJ or COTS. If you have a hard time making money definitely get greenfingers.
  21. If youre going to do this why not pyrelord (house) fm for 630k an hr... and this is largely irrelevant with char's arena being 930k an hr and BoC being 2m+ an hr... Also if you plan on doing arctic pines instead of c2 wcing while you c2 fish that bonfiring is lossless. 0 time for like .75:1 fm:wc exp. I think he's saying that you'll lose out on the xp from splitting if you bonfire I see, interesting thought. if you were to get all the exp from BoC then yes it would probably just be better to split. save for that, doubt it.
  22. If youre going to do this why not pyrelord (house) fm for 630k an hr... and this is largely irrelevant with char's arena being 930k an hr and BoC being 2m+ an hr... Also if you plan on doing arctic pines instead of c2 wcing while you c2 fish that bonfiring is lossless. 0 time for like .75:1 fm:wc exp.
  23. I get 20565 fish exp on average every 10 minute game, so im going to say it is worth it. If not just to get champion tacklebox. Sorry but I am curious.... I went checking your runetracker profile (you can check here: http://runetracker.org/realtime-dragonseance ) and you only gained 39977 Fishing XP. My question is: How can you average that to 20565? have i logged out? also people with 99 had a glitch, we were not getting any exp edit i checked my own: 110k exp over over 5 games + small lamp (fishing) thats 20280 exp average, my bad Also you can fit any bank skill in between with no more than 30 seconds lost per game. I see what you did there but whatever, I don't really care. Let's imagine it's 120k XP/hr and you do bank skill in those 10 mins you have to wait between the games. Let's assume time going to bank is 0. 200m/120k= 1667 hours of Fishing training. The average XP rate of bank skills are (450k+785k+830k)/3=688k XP/hr 600m/688k=872 hours of bank skills training. So, there won't be enough bank skills for your plan "do bank skills while waiting". you can just do it until you run out of bank skills and im not arguing its better, just saying it's not bad. also 872 hours is more than enough to satiate the days needed for 5b using your 2 ff games given per day.
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